Al Vontz IV


Vail Miller Jr.

Co-Chairman & CEO

Al Vontz III

President & CEO

Vail Miller Sr.


Brooke Miller Hice

Executive VP & General Counsel

Michael Miller

VP Sales & Marketing

Sean Hice

President, General Manager, Heidelberg Cleveland

Nick Ducey

VP of Sales Anheuser-Busch InBev

Dan Isenbarger

Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer

Joe Noll

Chief Operating Officer

Pat O'Sullivan

Chief Sales Officer

Kathryn Oakes

Chief of Staff

Todd Patterson

Vice President Sales, Beer


Dave Bittner


Rene Carter

Information Technology

Holly Hoffman

Assistant Director IT

Jenny Lockard


Greg Maurer

Legislative Affairs

Tom McNally

Revenue Management

Jody Myers

Operations - North

Brian Oakes

Operations - South

Shawn Palmatier

VP Revenue Management

Cherri Wallace

Supply Chain

Dennis Cook

Associate Director of Corporate Creative Services

Kelly Fine

Associate Director of Culture & People

Mike Vander Woude

Associate Director of Corporate Communications


Bob Bilius

VP Sales & Marketing

Kevin McNamara

VP Sales & Marketing

Greg Michalec

Senior VP Sales, Beer

Todd Patterson

VP Sales, Beer

Jason Shartzer

VP Customer Development

Michael Miller

VP Sales & Marketing

Nick Ducey

VP Sales, AB/Inbev


Ken Aquila

Customer Development

Reed Birkenholz

Low Proof Spirits

Chris Emmons

Craft Beer

Mary Horn

VP Fine Wine Sales & Education

Pat Keith


Ian McDonald

Fine Wine

Matt Smith


Dave Potz

VP E-Commerce


Toby Coston

Vice President, General Manager - Cincinnati

Sean Hice

Vice President, General Manager - Cleveland

Greg Maurer

Vice President, General Manager - Columbus

Chris Rammel

Vice President, General Manager - Dayton

Kevin Knight

Vice President, General Manager - Lorain

Brian Cunningham

Vice President, General Manager - Ohio Valley

Jimmy Carpenter

Vice President, General Manager - Kentucky

Tom McHugh

Vice President, General Manager - Toledo

Ernest Brown

Vice President, General Manager - Wine Trends

Tom McClafferty

Vice President, General Manager - Youngstown


Dan O'Hara

General Sales Manager, Beer - Cincinnati

Rob Owens

General Sales Manager, Wine - Cincinnati

Ron Utterback

General Sales Manager, Beer & Wine - Cleveland

Dan Diem

General Sales Manager, Beer - Columbus

Mike Ross

General Sales Manager, Wine - Columbus

Larry Chmiel

General Sales Manager, Allied Wine Division - Dayton

Chris Lennon

General Sales Manager, Heidelberg Wine Division - Dayton

Rob Vanmetre

General Sales Manager, Beer - Dayton

Rick Brown

General Sales Manager, Wine - Lorain

Ian Husk

General Sales Manager, Beer - Lorain

Sam Beck

General Sales Manager, Wine - Ohio Valley

DJ Homan

General Sales Manager, Beer - Ohio Valley

Joshua Mulberry

General Sales Manager - Kentucky

Ryan Masters

General Sales Manager, Beer - Toledo

Ryan Montrie

General Sales Manager, Heidelberg Wine Division - Toledo

Paul Gause

General Sales Manager - Youngstown


Mike Gleason

Operations Manager - Cincinnati

Eric Flatt

Operations Manager - Cleveland

Duane Wright

Operations Manager - Columbus

Terry Neece

Operations Manager - Dayton

Jerry Borzie

Operations Manager - Kentucky

Wendy Pickett

Operations Manager - Lorain

Scott Rheude

Operations Manager - Ohio Valley

Jon Loucks

Operations Manager - Toledo


Linda Elfring

Administration Manager - Cincinnati

Marie Hemlinger

Administration Manager - Cleveland

Trudy Saraz-Marvin

Administration Manager - Cleveland

Victoria Bork

Administration Manager - Columbus

Tyler McKinley

Administration Manager - Dayton

Darla Slone

Administration Manager - Kentucky

Nicole Zam

Administration Manager - Toledo

Marie Koehler

Administration Manager - Ohio Valley

Ronda Bullins

Administration Manager - Lorain

Staci Testa

Administration Manager - Youngstown