Advancing Women Leaders

Heidelberg has been sending women leaders to participate in Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute since 2018. Advancing women leaders is part of Heidelberg’s culture and commitment to Associates. Linkage is a global leadership development firm committed to advancing women and accelerating inclusion in leaders and organizations.  

WIL 2022 IS in Dayton on November 1-4, 2022.  

Linkage’s Women in Leadership Institute™ (WIL) is a four-day learning experience designed to equip women leaders with actionable strategies to overcome the hurdles women face in workplace advancement. This is an immersive leadership development experience designed to drive results and accelerate the advancement of women. Heidelberg attendees participate together in Dayton, Ohio. Please make sure your manager is aware and able to work with you on a plan to cover your position while you are out, should you be selected to attend.

Application Window: July 18-29

This conference offers a surprising amount of internal reflection and self-work. This work leads to high impact shifts that ripple throughout our organization. Women who attend are coming to do internal work; they learn about the hurdles identified by linkage, listen to keynote speakers, and work as an individual to be a better leader. 

more about linkage

  • Linkage’s Advancing Women Leaders solution is a practical framework that enables organizations to attract, retain, develop and advance women leaders at all levels. It is based on three decades of work with more than a million leaders—and all their solutions are optimized to deliver measurable and lasting impact. 
  • Linkage’s assessments, programming, and consulting speak directly to these hurdles, competencies and dimensions, and equip organizations with the data and direction they need to make a real impact. 
  • Linkage Website link (keynotes, etc.)

Who Can Apply?

  • Women from all departments!
  • Applicants can be at any point in their career.
  • Application selection process is anonymous.   
  • Before applying, please make sure your manager is aware and able to work with you on a plan to cover your position while you are out if you are selected.