Chris Bird

Chris Bird

Toledo Supply Chain Specialist

Most people don’t give much thought to how a product gets from the manufacturer to the warehouse, but Chris Bird does.

The 15-year Heidelberg Associate, who started in out doing general administration duties at our Toledo facility, is now the “eagle eyes” for the company’s Purchasing and Logistics department. Chris watches over thousands of product orders that generate beer, wine and spirits deliveries to Heidelberg’s Ohio and Kentucky facilities, making sure items move smoothly and correctly through the system.

“It’s especially important for new items that hit the market,” says Chris, “because we have promised those items to retailers and consumers by a certain date.”

Chris previously was the purchasing manager for a number of Heidelberg’s largest wine items and continues to purchase products from several Ohio and Michigan wineries, plus specialty beverage items.

Outside the office, Chris loves to attend professional sporting events with friends. She roots for every team in Chicago with her biggest love being the Chicago Bulls.

Heidelberg Stars

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