Chris Young

Chris Young


Columbus Driver Chris Young has been behind the wheel of a delivery truck for the company since 2015. While it’s not the first delivery job that he has had, it is one that he finds is the most challenging as well as the most rewarding.

“One of the things that makes this job great to me personally, is the freedom,” says Chris. “I hop on my truck each day and head out on my route. No micromanaging, I hit the road and start my deliveries and have the chance each day to interact with my customers.”

He has been on the same route with the company since starting almost five years ago, so there is familiarity with where he goes each day and with who he interacts with. “It has been great getting to know my accounts,” Chris says. “It’s a routine but it is far from boring. There is always something new going on each week that keeps it fresh. I make sure to keep it fun.”

There are days that are busier than others in terms of the amount of product on his truck but the one thing that doesn’t change for Chris and all of the other drivers throughout the company is making sure the job is done safely. “Once that truck leaves the warehouse, we’re responsible for everything that happens,” says Chris. “We need to make sure that we’re operating safely driving to each account as well as making sure the product is getting inside each account safely and undamaged.”

For a driver going from account to account, weather has the potential to be an issue. Heat during the summer months and snow and ice during the winter. Chris takes it all in stride and says the best way to handle the weather is to take it all in stride. “When you have snow and ice, you just need to slow down and be safe. For me heavy rain is the worst. The last thing you want while you’re moving product is to slip and dump it. So, when it’s really pouring, you wait it out, until it’s safe.”

When he is not driving to his accounts and unloading product from his truck, Chris enjoys watching TV, playing basketball relaxing and traveling with his girlfriend. “We went on a cruise last year to St. Martin, St. Kitts and Grand Turk Island,” said Chris. “It was great!”

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