Cody Myers

Cody Myers

Shift Leader

For Cody Myers making sure the delivery trucks from Heidelberg Youngstown go out fully and correctly loaded for accounts is all part of a night’s work. Before Cody starting working for Heidelberg in October of 2013 as a night shift checker/shift leader, he was U.S. Army Specialist Cody Myers.

During his deployment in Afghanistan he worked in field artillery as the ammunition team chief, where he was in charge of all Howitzer rounds, fuses and powders – all of his company’s heavy artillery. From specific counts to the different types of ammunition, Cody was responsible for everything having to do with heavy artillery.

So although going from counting Howitzer rounds to beer and wine may not exactly be the same thing, Cody was still well-prepared moving from his military to his civilian position. “I think a lot of it is based on my previous experience,” said Cody. “Dealing with large amounts of inventory that were color and number coded made it easier. The method we’re using at Heidelberg is somewhat similar, so my transition in going from one job to the other has been pretty smooth.”

A typical shift for the Youngstown night crew is completed when the delivery trucks are loaded up and ready to go with the orders for the next day. During the shift, all of the product for orders are picked and set in a staging area before Cody makes sure they are accurate. “After everything is picked, we need to make sure the counts are correct and the orders are 100%,” said Cody. “Then we’ll load up the pallets and the kegs onto our trucks to be sent out for delivery.”

Since he joined the night shift, the Youngstown Warehouse has stood out amongst Heidelberg houses due to its low picking error rate.

When Cody is not picking beer, wine and non-alcoholic products and getting orders on the trucks for retail partners in Youngstown, he enjoys spending time with family. “I have a fiancé and two kids at home,” Cody said. “So everything that goes along with that keeps me busy.”

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