Dave Harrington

Dave Harrington

Sales Professional

One of the biggest challenges Heidelberg sales professionals face on a daily basis is balancing our large, diverse portfolio of products. Every product in our warehouse is there because we fully believe that, if given the proper opportunity, it will sell and sell well. This means that our Sales Associates can’t just learn a handful of brands and try to sell them everywhere. They truly have to become experts and learn not only the strengths of each product, but at what type of retail accounts they would do the best business. That’s why it’s fortunate that we have quick learners like Dave Harrington on the sales team.

Operating out of our Lorain office in Northern Ohio, Dave says keeping our book of suppliers straight is a challenge but also part of the fun of the job.

“It’s a really big book, probably a lot bigger than even our retail partners realize,” he said. “A big part of the job is balancing the needs of the suppliers and the needs of the retailers. Both need each other to succeed and I think they understand that there needs to be a balancing act. And that’s why we’re here.”

Dave, like many of Heidelberg’s Sales Associates, started off his five-year career as a merchandiser, an entry-level position that focuses mainly on point-of-sale marketing materials and floor displays, but also serves as a sort of apprenticeship for a sales position. After a year of absorbing all the information and best practices he could, Dave went on to be one of the company’s top performing sales professionals.

When not out selling for Heidelberg, Dave loves taking advantage of all the great outdoor activities that the shores of Lake Erie have to offer. Assuming the weather cooperates, of course.

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