Dave Maloney

Dave Maloney

Sales Professional

Dave Maloney’s work day as a beer Sales Professional is anything but typical, but one thing is the same: He works with retail accounts to help them grow their craft beer business.

“We have a great portfolio of craft beers, and the retailer is much more knowledgeable than, say, five years ago about craft beer trends and what’s hot,” Dave says. “They really want to give their customers a wide choice of craft beers.”

The proliferation of craft brands and stiff competition also makes every day a challenge as Dave helps retailers maneuver the newest items, seasonals and limited-edition brews.

The eight-year Ohio Valley Wine & Beer Associate calls on a large variety of grocery and convenience stores as well as bars and restaurants in and around Clermont County just east of Cincinnati.

He loves interacting with consumers when he meets them at a beer tasting, brewmaster promotion or just in the store checking out products on the shelves. “Beer lovers are eager to ask questions, find out what’s new or ask my opinion about a new type of beer,” Dave says.

“The best part of my job is the training and support I get from the management team and suppliers. Our portfolio has grown 30 to 40% over the last few years so you really have to stay on top of your game.”

Dave and his wife recently celebrated 15 years of marriage, and he enjoys coaching his two young sons in baseball and basketball.

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