Isidro Silvero

Isidro Silvero

Operations, Cincinnati

There are many moving parts to every Heidelberg operation. Sales professionals make sales and place orders. The operations department puts the orders together for each retail partner, organizes and then places them on the trucks for delivery. The drivers take the loaded trucks and deliver to our retail partners and then the process starts all over again.

Every department and each process is reliant on the other. If any part of the process doesn’t function as it’s designed, retail partners have to wait on product and the public can’t get what they want. Cincinnati Operations Associate Isidro Silvero makes sure that the Heidelberg beer trucks that leave Cincinnati loaded for retail partners are 100% correct and ready for delivery.

“I’m checking all the beer trucks before they leave for delivery to make sure that everything that should be on the truck is on the truck,” says Isidro. “We get the paperwork that breaks down each retailer’s order and we’ll double check that with the driver’s schedule to make sure that everything matches up.”

Isidro has been with Heidelberg for 14 years and has worked in many different jobs with the company since starting in May of 2004. The definition of a team player, Isidro has held many positions in the Cincinnati operation and has always been willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done. “I began checking trucks in the wine department. After that I moved to helping the maintenance department and helped with cleaning the office and warehouse,” says Isidro. “I’ve helped to clean the truck fleet, have worked in the warehouse stocking, cleaning, loading and unloading trucks. Anything and everything that Heidelberg has asked me to do.”

For Isidro he is most proud of a job not only completed but a job well done. His favorite part of the job is being on the job. “I enjoy coming to work everyday and being around all of my co-workers,” he says. “It is important to me and to all of us that we do everything correctly and that the trucks go out on time and error free.”

When he is not checking orders and helping the Cincinnati Operations Department to run smoothly, Isidro likes to unwind by watching baseball. “I love baseball,” says Isidro. “Drinking a beer and watching it is my favorite way to unwind.”

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