There are some people who don’t know what to do with themselves if they are not working. Lorain Operations Associate Jess Weisenberger is one of those people. To say she is a busy lady, is an understatement.

Between her job in the warehouse at Heidelberg Lorain and a few other “jobs” that keep her occupied, it is not uncommon for Jess to be working 60 plus hours a week. It’s 40 hours plus in the warehouse and depending on the time of year, it could be working for her dad on the family farm or helping out at Western Reserve High School (her Alma Mater) as a girls basketball coach.

“I’m always busy,” says Jess. “I feel like if I don’t have something that I am working on or doing it’s strange. I would rather be on the go than to have down time.” In the spring, she helps her dad on the family farm planting crops. Whether it’s corn, wheat or soybeans, or helping with the cattle (they raise beef as well) there is always work to be done. In the summertime and winter months, Jess helps out with the Western Reserve basketball program. “I started out as a volunteer with the 6th grade team and have worked my way up to JV and varsity,” she says. “We have our off season program and the regular season as well, so there is always plenty to do.”

Outside of that work, which could be full-time employment on its own, she has been with Heidelberg Lorain since April of 2013. “Jess started on our night crew as a puller and has worked her way up to a receiver’s position,” says Lorain Warehouse Manager Brenda Grove. “She is a hard worker and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Jess takes on extra tasks. You can always rely on her!”

On the day shift, Jess and her crew will get product off the trucks from suppliers and will rotate and place stock on the shelves, so it can be ready for the night crew to pick it for orders that will go out to retailers the following day. “Everyone in the warehouse is reliant on everyone else,” Jess says. “If we don’t do our job correctly, we’ll slow down the night crew, which then slows down deliveries. Even though we are different shifts, we all have to work together to make sure the job gets done.”

With everything going on, the warehouse during the day can get a little crazy but Jess says that is normal. “It’s really organized chaos. We’ll have different stacks of products that are being rotated. For someone that comes in and is not aware of what’s happening it may look like a complete mess but there is a definite method to what we are doing!”

Even away from the Lorain warehouse, the organization that Jess practices at work has carried over into her personal life. “I am not a fan of just leaving stuff everywhere,” says Jess. “I’m pretty organized. I am a believer of everything having a place and everything going in its place!”

Heidelberg Stars

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