Joe Lowery

Joe Lowery

Product Support Manager

Sometimes the place Joe Lowery calls “home” during his work day actually does look like Santa’s workshop.

The saws are buzzing, “elves” are painting and Joe Lowery is on a mission to meet deadlines from the sales team. Unlike Santa, though, these deadlines are year-round, and instead of toys, he’s creating and building custom point-of-sale displays for the Columbus market.

Joe, Heidelberg’s Product Support Manager, is no stranger to the wine and beer industry. He worked for Columbus grocer Big Bear 25 years; 10 years he was a store manager. He decided to “transfer” over to the distribution side of the business specializing in wine and has never looked back.

“With my background in the grocery business, I knew how store displays could help move products,” says Joe. “Then as a distributor wine sales person, I looked for opportunities to find space to promote our brand or tie-in with a store’s holiday theme or promotional focus.”

In his spare time, Joe took his love of woodworking and applied it to the job, making custom point-of-sales display materials for retailers on his route. The rest of the team was so envious that eventually Heidelberg asked Joe if he wanted to make display design and construction his full-time job.

And so he has become the resident Santa, taking scrap pieces of plywood, Styrofoam and other materials and turning them into sleighs, trains, tanks, airplanes, wine barrels and even a saloon-front with swinging doors.

Joe’s workshop is nestled on the mezzanine of our Columbus warehouse, surrounded by long tables and the tools of his trade. Sales professionals who request the point-of-sale are responsible for painting and other finish work, including installation at the store level.

“One of my earliest mentors at Heidelberg taught me that you have to do things to attract more business,” says Joe. “Put simply, point-of-sale displays are a great way to do that!”

We’re not surprised to learn that Joe has completely refurbished a 1947 Ford Street Rod, which he loves to display at car shows with other antique car enthusiasts.

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