Josh Needham

Josh Needham

Columbus Sales Professional

It’s no secret that being goal driven is a common theme among our Sales Professionals. Never content with things being just good or just cruising along Josh Needham of Columbus has a knack for finding the solutions that his accounts need.

After graduating from Wright State University Josh entered the world of beverage sales working for a juice supplier but that job required a lot of travel. After getting married he wanted the same sales rush without all of the travel of that job. He reached out to the Heidelberg network in Columbus and landed a job on the Wine Sales Team in 2013.

Starting out on one of the “independent out of town routes,” Josh noticed that the effort he put in to his accounts was paying off with his manager. Part of the driving force behind Josh’s work ethic is that he knows Heidelberg is always working to grow.

“One thing I’ve noticed here is Heidelberg is not scared to go after brands and grow the company,” Josh said. “They want to get bigger and they want to keep growing. I want to be a part of something like that.”

There is no shortage of challenges for our sales teams. When an obstacle presents itself Josh rises to the occasion to make sure his customers are taken care of. “Josh is always committed to being the best.  He always has a plan to produce for the customer as well as for Heidelberg and our brands,” said Mike Ross, Columbus General Sales Manager, Wine.

Josh truly loves what he does and the team with whom he works. However it’s not all about maneuvering the sales world for him. With a baby due in early March his outside of work life is primarily focused on his growing family. He also enjoys golf and other weekend warrior type activities.

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