Kerri Breeze

Kerri Breeze

Wine Trends Sales Professional

In the alcoholic beverage world, there are two types of retail accounts we sell to: off-premise and on-premise. Off-premise accounts are retail locations where you buy your beverage but then consume it somewhere else. These are your grocery stores, wine shops and convenience stores. On-premise accounts, on the other hand, are places where you buy and consume the beverage at the same location. These are typically bars and restaurants but can also include private clubs, stadiums, golf courses and countless other locations with a liquor license.

As you might imagine, these two types of accounts operate very differently and require different types of sales support as well. One of the biggest challenges some of our sales professionals face is being able to seamlessly switch between the two types of accounts on a daily basis without sacrificing quality of service. It’s a trait that comes naturally to our best sales associates and Kerri Breeze is certainly one of the best.

“Switching back and forth from on- to off-premise you see a lot of different personalities and approaches but that’s what makes it fun,” said Kerri. “You always have to be on your toes and really know the portfolio from top to bottom so you can answer any questions and figure out how you can meet their specific needs.”

Kerri covers accounts in the Greater Cincinnati area for Heidelberg’s Wine Trends division which specializes in emerging brands, artisan and luxury wines. Whether she’s calling on a small, private club or a large, corporate grocery store she says the one commonality is trust.

“They have to trust me in what I choose to bring to them,” she said. “I’ve built enough trust at some accounts that they sometimes don’t even have to taste the wine before buying it. That’s how I know I’ve done my job.”

Outside of the office, Kerri is a baseball enthusiast who loves her Cincinnati Reds. She’s also quite the outdoorswoman who loves hiking, camping and running around with her dogs.

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