Kymberly Henson

Kymberly Henson

Kentucky Sales Professional

Our business is a constantly evolving marketplace of trends, tastes and innovation and it’s easy to fall behind if you’re not following along closely. At the very heart of Heidelberg’s mission statement of “thriving, adapting and leading the way to be our customers’ #1 choice,” is a drive to be constantly learning and improving in every aspect of our business. That’s why we’re fortunate to have Associates like Kymberly Henson who are motivated by a love of learning new things.

Like so many of our Associates, Kymberly’s foray into the beer, wine, and spirits world was on the retailer side, working at a local wine shop in Cincinnati. Although she loved working with wine, Kymberly didn’t particularly like being cooped up in one place all day long and began looking for options. Heidelberg was the perfect fit.

What really excited Kymberly once she started as a sales professional at Heidelberg’s Kentucky office, though, wasn’t just that she got a change of scenery multiple times a day, but the deeper understanding and appreciation of beer, wine and spirits that she gained just by going through her day-to-day routine.

“You really do have a broader base of knowledge on the distributor side of the fence,” Kymberly said. “It’s essential that you do research and gain more knowledge or you simply won’t be able to fulfill your customers’ needs. But that’s perfect for me because I absolutely love to learn new things.”

Going on her seventh year with the company, Kymberly sells beer, wine and spirits to an eclectic group of accounts just across the river from Cincinnati that range from small, local bars to one of the largest beverage and alcohol stores in the world. With such a wide variety of needs, it’s even more important that she know every inch of the Heidelberg portfolio so she can help her accounts maximize their business.

Outside of the office, Kymberly is an artist with a particular talent for photography and mosaic painting. She’s also an avid swimmer which she describes as the perfect stress reliever for those rare days when she hears the word “no” more times than she would like.

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