Mathew Frampton

Mathew Frampton

Youngstown Sales Professional

With a large portfolio filled with great brands of wine and beer, it can sometimes be daunting for a sales professional to focus during the selling day. Not for Mathew Frampton, our on-premise expert in Youngstown. To him, the most exciting part of the day is introducing new items or discussing the newest trends with his retail customers.

“I love to show customers what’s new in the market, or what trends could improve or impact their business,” says Mathew. “Every single day of the week is different. I’m very excited about the craft beer movement and the variety of seasonals and new items we have to offer.”

Mathew joined Heidelberg Youngstown two years ago after working several years at his wife’s family restaurant.

“I just knew I would enjoy this job,” he says. “I get to work with all kinds of people in restaurants, pubs and wine shops, as well as suppliers who come to town to help promote their brands.”

Even though he’s an expert on both wine and beer, Mathew finds that when he’s off the clock he prefers to drink Italian wines. That could just be genetics, though, Mathew says, since he’s a quarter Italian.

Mathew grew up on a horse farm, and he and his wife train, breed and board horses at their farm. They also travel on weekends to many shows and competitions, and his wife competes on a national level.

“I love our 14 horses and two dogs, but my wife is able to handle the farm while I get to enjoy selling wine and beer every day!”

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