Mike Krohn

Mike Krohn

Youngstown Sales Professional

Like a lot of Sales Professionals in the industry, Heidelberg Youngstown Associate Mike Krohn knows his way around a retail account. Before becoming a Sales Professional at Heidelberg, Mike was in the retail grocery business for 26 years.

After nearly three decades in the grocery business Mike decided it was time for a different path for his career. “I got an opportunity to jump into a sales role with Heidelberg and it has been great,” Mike says. “I still am in the business but now I get to travel to multiple stores instead of being in just one location. I am meeting new people, establishing new relationships and having a great time with my customers.”

The transition in going from retail to sales was helped by the fact that many of his colleagues are the same people that used to call on him when he was running a store. “A lot of these guys (Heidelberg Sales Professionals) called on me when I was in the retail business so we go back further than just my time here,” says Mike. “They are great people, who give you the opportunity to succeed and to achieve at the highest level.”

From a size standpoint, Youngstown is the smallest market in the Heidelberg family of companies and the sales professionals there cover all of the products in Heidelberg’s portfolio from beer and wine to spirits and non-alcoholics. Mike views it as another challenge. With a smaller sales force than some of Heidelberg’s other markets, it means more stores and more brands. “Everyone of us in Youngstown sells the entire catalog,” says Mike. “It means more study for me on the wine side. I have really made sure to take a look at our wine book to learn and know the portfolio and to make sure I am current on the latest trends and products.”

Whether it is retail, grocery or beverage sales, Mike says the most important thing is having a great relationship with your customers. “Can they trust you, can they rely on you? If you can answer both of those questions with a yes, then you have an opportunity to be successful. It’s all about the relationships.”

Outside of the office and away from the retail accounts the plan for Mike is a simple one. Regardless of what the event is, it’s family first. “We love to hang out as a family and enjoy the weekend,” Mike says. Then come Monday, we start it all over again!”

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