Mike Raines

Mike Raines

Dayton Sales Associate

Ask almost any Heidelberg Sales Associate what the key is to success in the marketplace and the response will be “customer service.” Dayton Anheuser Busch (AB) Sales Professional Mike Raines is no different.

“It’s all about customer service,” says Mike. “Developing that trust where they know I am not going to steer them wrong. I make sure that I am the first call they make if there is an issue and that we work together to find a solution we’re both happy with.”

After joining Heidelberg from the restaurant industry four years ago as a merchandiser, Mike quickly moved into a sales position in the AB division and hasn’t looked back. In 2015 he was named Dayton’s AB Sales Professional of the Year. An honor he is proud of.

“I had a lot of help from my team leader, Matt King, and the entire merchandising staff,” says Mike. “With that support, we were able to execute all of our goals and achieve what we wanted and needed to achieve.”

Each account that Mike services presents its own unique challenges. An integral part of his job is recognizing what a customer wants and needs. “You have to look at it as small as you possibly can,” says Mike. “Where they’re located, what their customers want and what they are buying. I need to show them what’s in our portfolio that will specifically work for them.”

What Mike enjoys most about his current position is a break from the same old day-to-day routine he experienced during his days in the restaurant industry. “It’s never the same, there is always something that challenges you and pushes you,” Mike says. “Wait five minutes and there is something else that keeps you engaged and motivated.”

Away from the office and his sales route, Mike enjoys time with his wife and three active kids. Whether it’s spending time at home or watching his kids play sports or coaching one of their teams, he stays involved with his family.

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