Nancy Kordenbrock

Nancy Kordenbrock

Assistant Director of Purchasing

When consumers walk into a grocery store, convenience store or gas station to purchase one of the many products Heidelberg Distributing distributes they’ll most likely make their selection, pay for their purchase and go on their way. They probably won’t think about or realize just how many people behind the scenes helped to get that product to the shelves or the cooler of that retailer.

Assistant Pricing Director Nancy Kordenbrock is one of those “behind the scenes” people who play an integral part in helping to make that purchase happen. Working out of the Heidelberg’s Cincinnati office, she handles incoming supplier pricing and maintains the database for all of those accounts. Once all of the information is gathered from suppliers (the companies who make the product) Nancy passes along that information to Heidelberg’s Chain Supply team (the people who in turn sell that product to retailers) and then that product makes its way to the retailer for purchase.

“In addition to the pricing and the database, we’ll handle trouble tickets and any other issues that come in,” Nancy said. “Handling any issues from all Heidelberg markets, changing item descriptions, checking on pricing, urgent item setup and anything else that comes along.”

If that sounds like a large task, it is. Heidelberg has 740 different supplier partners that send the company over 18,000 individual products for distribution in both Ohio and Kentucky. It can get a little hectic for Nancy and the rest of the pricing team. “I try and stay focused on the task at hand, complete one thing and then move on to the next,” Nancy says. “I will get other questions and things that will pop up along the way, so those get completed as they come in.”

Nancy, who began full time with Heidelberg in February of 2010, started with the Chain Pricing Team before earning a promotion to her current role. She says the fast paced nature of her job keeps her happy. “The variety of work is my favorite part,” she says. “Keep me busy and I am happy and there is plenty to keep me busy!”

Away from the office, Nancy enjoys spending time with her family, which includes three grandkids. A 13 and a four year-old granddaughter and an eight year-old grandson who is playing his first year of kid pitch little league.

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