Nick Deaton

Nick Deaton

Cincinnati Warehouse

Keeping track of thousands of bottles of wine at a Heidelberg warehouse can be a daunting task. In the wine distribution business, we can literally sell one bottle at a time, so putting together hundreds of orders every day takes precision. There is a risk of orders becoming separated, glass bottles breaking on the route, or bottles being slotted incorrectly in the warehouse.

As Wine Inventory Supervisor in Cincinnati, it is Nick Deaton’s job to keep warehouse shelves stocked as accurately as possible. This means the count must match what is in the computer system so the rest of the team knows what’s available to sell to retail customers.

“RF guns (radio frequency) make our lives easier,” says Nick. “We also divided the warehouse into segments, and our software can spot variances very quickly. Then it’s up to us to figure out why a product is out-of-place or missing.”

This three-year Heidelberg Associate was trained on-the-job and says he doesn’t want to “settle” for mediocrity. He often volunteers to make emergency deliveries or help out in other areas of the warehouse.

“I give 100% every day,” he says, “and I want other people to see that 100% makes a difference.”

Nick and his wife, who recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary, will become parents next spring. In the meantime, Nick dotes on his dog and enjoys going to the gym to work out when he’s not on the job.

Heidelberg Stars

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