Tonya Wiley

Tonya Wiley

Cleveland Driver Check-In

Tonya Wiley has worked on the Driver Check-In team in Heidelberg’s Cleveland office for five years and her job is to make sure that product going out on invoices and dollar amounts coming in from drivers closing out their routes each day match up. That seems pretty straight forward but sometimes it can be easier said than done. “The money that gets brought in has to line up with the merchandise that went out and what is on the invoice sheet,” Tonya says. “It almost always does (match up), but there are a few times where you need to figure out why the numbers don’t add up.”

For the most part discrepancies are usually easy to figure out. Part of the order got moved to a different part of the retailer’s store, the number of items that were delivered were miscounted or an item was left on the truck or was not available. There is usually a pretty simple explanation as to why the numbers don’t match and usually a simple solution to make them match up.

Working Driver Check-In is more than just dealing with the drivers. Tonya also works with Cleveland’s Sales Professionals and Sales Managers assisting with invoices when they need to take orders out to their accounts that did not make that day’s delivery. She’ll also spend a good deal of time on the phone working directly with Heidelberg’s retail accounts. “I’ll take phone calls, and trouble shoot where I need to,” says Tonya. “I’ll work with customers when they have issues, to help reconcile invoices, and whatever we have to do to help to keep the customer happy.”

“It’s my job to help keep the peace,” Tonya says. “Sometimes we’ll get a customer who calls in and is a bit upset. I make sure to let them know I am here to take care of them and to make sure their concerns are handled.”

Before coming to Heidelberg Tonya worked at the casino in downtown Cleveland but has found a new home. “I like doing office work,” Tonya says. “This for me is especially great since there is so much variety on what I get to do each day. It is a really great place to be.”

When she is not checking in drivers and working with sales pros and retailers to solve invoice issue she enjoys watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and spending time with her family, which includes a son, a daughter and two grandkids. “We all enjoy bowling, we go every other weekend,” says Tonya. “I also like to ride and race motorcycles.”

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