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Two Important Deadlines Coming Up!

July and August each have critical deadlines that can affect the price of your health care premiums and what your benefits will include starting in September. Insurance Benefits are through PAYCOR, Wellness Program is through the WELLWORKS website.

Every Associate is responsible for meeting these deadlines! If you are having trouble with forms or you cannot attend one of the in-person benefits sessions, please contact your HR person so you do not miss out!

JULY 15 – WellWorks Deadline

Both employee and spouse must complete one of the requirements below by July 15, 2019 in order to receive a premium differential.

Discounted insurance premiums are effective August 1st – July of each year prior to each Open Enrollment. The discounts for the upcoming year have each been increased to $35!

1. Annual Physical with Lab Work ($35 biweekly)
2. Tobacco Attestation Form ($35 biweekly)


AUGUST 14 – Benefits: Open Enrollment

Every facility will hold in-person meetings with benefits specialists in early August.  “Open Enrollment” closes on August 14. September 1 is the effective date for the next 12-month insurance plan.

Dayton: August 2
Cincinnati: August 5
Ohio Valley: August 6
Columbus: August 7
Toledo and Lorain: August 8
Kentucky, Cleveland, Youngstown: August 9

Times and locations of the meeting will be posted in your office building.

Use Paycor to Access Benefits Advisor

Paycor: – Employee’s payroll and HR information including contact information, job title and department, as well as earning and deduction history.

To access Paycor, navigate from your browser to “managed bookmarks” – “Heidelberg Links” – and choose “Paycor” or

Your benefits, including details on costs and coverages are listed. Costs will feed to your Payroll deductions in Paycor. Open Enrollment to add or change your benefits is each year in August with a September 1st effective date. To access Benefits Advisor, log into Paycor.  Navigate to the “ME” tab and choose “Benefits.”

Log into WellWorks to Save on Insurance Premiums

WellWorks – Wellness partner that helps driver wellness metrics that affects your well being and these can produce a discount off of your insurance premiums that are listed in Benefits Advisor. These metrics are renewable each year. These are effective August 1st – July of each year prior to each Open Enrollment.

We are excited to announce our program Wellworks for You, our wellness partner who provides you and your spouse with resources to achieve a healthy lifestyle, all made easy with a Wellness Portal! Your personal Wellness Portal contains all the tools you need to get started on your path to wellness. You will have access to recipes and grocery lists, Device/App tracking, a fitness and nutrition dashboard, and more!

Your account credentials have already been generated for both you and your spouse. Follow the instructions below to login!

Go to
Enter as an Existing User using the following format:
Enter Your Username: DH_FirstNameLastNameYYYY (Ex: DH_JohnDoe1975)
Enter Your Password: DOB in MMDDYYYY format (Ex: 06021975)
Accept the terms of consent
Fill in the required information

Create your account if you were hired after June 1, 2018
Go to
Click the link to create an account as a New Member
Enter your Company ID: 11332
Complete the registration process