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Make sure to recognize and thank your local admin staff for the great job that they do all year long, on Wednesday, April 22. All of these outstanding men and women in all nine of our locations are the unsung heroes of the office. Heidelberg Administrative Managers have organized some messages to their locations to show their appreciation for the excellence of their teams. There are also some messages from General Managers and General Sales Managers.

“All Administration Professionals – This team is the silent warriors who sometimes feel invisible. You never give in and continue to persevere to be excellent in all you do. Our leaders are held up by this team in whom we have constant faith in your abilities and reliability to achieve success.”
-Jenny Lockard, Director of Administration


“It is impressive to watch the pride that you take in your job and the respect that you have for our customers. This team’s ability to lift each other up and take care of each other is unparalleled. Time and time again we have asked you to thrive, ADAPT, and lead the way to be our customer’s #1 choice; never has it been more apparent that we are.”
-Toby Coston, General Manager

“I am blessed to have a remarkable team.  They are long term employees and all are VERY GOOD at their jobs.   They help each other when needed and take care of business on the daily. I said to them recently that if there were an Admin Team Olympics, I know without a doubt they would bring home the Gold to Cincinnati. I couldn’t do it without them!”
-Linda Elfring, Administration Manager

The Administrative Team at Heidelberg Cincinnati is dedicated to getting the jobs done on a daily basis. Whenever I need help with a task, have a question or just talking is passing, I am greeted with a smile and the classic, “What do you need?”. That simple question immediately opens the line of communication, teamwork and results.”
-Rob Owens, General Sales Manager


“Your commitment, dedication and passion for your work are really appreciated.  Great job! You are the Roar!”
-Trudy Saraz-Marvin, General Manager of Administration

“Your dedication and ability to adapt has done so much to keep this company running, now and in more simple times!  Thank you!”
-Marie Hemlinger, Administration Manager

“An incredible team that completes our Cleveland house. We wouldn’t be as good as we are without our Admin team”
-Ronald E. Utterback II, General Sales Manager


“The positive attitude, willingness to pitch in and the ongoing smiles makes me excited to come to work every day and be around such wonderful people!”
-Greg Maurer, General Manager

“I’m sure all our Admin Mangers will indicate their Admin team is the Best. They are all speaking the truth; I would share the Columbus Admin team has fortitude and resilience. Although, we come with many personalities it is because of this diversity it is an absolute pleasure to work, know, learn and share from each of them. We talk a lot about our Core Values and currently we are truly learning the meaning of “Family”, not the most frequently used. As a family we are locking arms, helping one another and being creative with the unknown future. They remain positive, encouraging and gracious. Wow… Ladies; Thank you, Ladies; Columbus Strong!”
-Victoria Bork, Administration Manager

“I believe Columbus has the best ADMIN team. Our staff is knowledgeable, flexible and will to assist whomever comes to their workspace.”
-Duane Wright, Operations Manager


“Thank you for all that you do to support our other departments and keep the Dayton office operating smoothly. Without you, our wheel would be incomplete; you are the experts, the problem-solvers, and the difference-makers.”
-Tyler McKinley, Administration Manager

“To my Corporate AP team – I am so very proud of all of you each and every day, but especially right now with all of the chaos, you have been beyond amazing! I am overwhelmed by the kindness you have all shown each other; how you have leaned on and helped each other. It is truly an honor to get to work with all of you! We are certainly blessed to work for such a great company and with so many strong and passionate people, we truly do ROAR!”
-Heidi Dunlap, Corporate Accounts Payable Manager


“The Kentucky Administrative team has really come into its own over the last couple of years.  They have worked diligently in cross-training, so each member of the team can do the other’s work in a pinch.  They embody our core values of family and teamwork, and I couldn’t be more proud of the quality of work they are performing day in, day out.”
-Jimmy Carpenter, General Manager

“I am so proud of my KY Team and how far we have come. Everyone is so quick to step up and get it done no matter the task. I couldn’t ask for a better team. I appreciate you so much and cannot thank you enough for all you do.”
-Darla Slone, Office Manager


“No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burton of another. Thank you!”
-Ronda Bullins, Administrative Manager


“TEAM WORK; Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”
-Henry Ford, quote submitted by Marie Koehler, Administration Manager


“To the Toledo Admin Team: Thank you for all you do to make Team Toledo the best Administration Department in the company! Slainte!”
-Tom McHugh, General Manager

“My team truly is the ROAR!!  Love you all!”
-Nicole Zam, Administrative Manager

“Thank you! Your support, hard work, and patience with all of us in sales is essential to our success. We appreciate the unbelievable job you do every day! You are truly an integral part of the Heidelberg Wheel. I know we do not show it all the time, but we are grateful for everything you do daily. Have a great Administrative Professional’s Day!”
-Ryan Montrie, General Sales Manager – HDC Wine

“Thank you for everything you do for the Berman team. The professional and caring manner in which each of you do your jobs does not go unnoticed by my group. We cannot be successful unless we all work together. The support you give the team makes all of our jobs easier!”
-Dave Potz, General Sales Manager – Berman Wine

“Thank you for always keeping this place running smoothly throughout the year. We can’t be successful on the sales side without all the great work you all do behind the scenes. Even more now,  with our current situation, thank you for continuing to support the team, answering calls from customers, and making it all work.Truly appreciate all the work you each do every day.” 
-Ryan Masters, General Sales Manager – Beer

“Thank you ladies for all your help, I wouldn’t survive without!”   
-Jon Loucks, Operations Manager


“Our success is a reflection of your hard work and I am grateful that you are a part of our team!!”
-Tom McClafferty, General Manager

“My team is like Mighty Mouse; small in numbers, but they are united, connected, virtuous, dignified,  knowledgeable, honorable and sincere. I am nothing without my great team standing beside me.  I am proud of them!”
-Staci Testa, Administrative Manager

“Become a lion, rule your path, and ROAR with your success…. Team Youngstown, you are the BEST!!! Be Strong. Be Safe.”
-Paul Gause, General Sales Manager


On Monday, April 27 take time to send a message of appreciation to our Heidelberg printing and design teams: Lion’s Edge in Cincinnati and the satellite print shops in Columbus, Dayton, Lorain and Toledo. All of our graphic designers do an awesome job of giving us the best banners, displays and artwork in the business!

“We have a lot of talented and committed designers. Our people support sales and fulfill a role that sets Heidelberg apart from other distributors. We create professional work and often on tight deadlines. Lately, we overcame obstacles in launching a new Print Request form. Not only is it a new process for the person ordering but a new way for us to process orders. This was no easy task and required a lot of learning and training on unfamiliar software. The extra work put into this shows, and will benefit all of us. Make sure you thank a designer for the extra effort and commitment they display each day to help make Heidelberg our customers #1 choice.”
Dennis Cook, Manager of Print Services


The information below is provided by the Ohio Department of Health. It is adapted from the Cleveland Clinic. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health. For more information, visit: www.coronavirus.ohio.gov


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