Victor’s Pride

April 19-23:
Administration Department
Appreciation Week

The Administration Department is celebrated with an official week of appreciation April 19-23. At the end of the week, there will be a two-day celebration on Zoom with Mary Horn for a “Socially Distanced, Boozy Ice Cream Social” on Thursday and Friday so that all are able to participate in the online float-making demonstration.


We thank our Admin Department Associates for their hard work behind the scenes, pivoting during the pandemic to keep our Associate Wheel spinning smoothly. Admin Managers, Payroll & Benefits Advisors, Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Admin Team, this one’s for you! Thank you for your dedication to excellence. Well done!

Thank You, Administration Managers!

As regulations, procedures and best practices evolved throughout the pandemic, our Admin Managers worked swiftly to make sure the buildings were safe environments for our on-site workers. This team of reliable problem solvers, organizers and leaders answered the call from other departments to ensure efficient solutions for company and Associate needs. Thank you for supporting your teams with reliability and humility!

Thank You, Accounting!

In a year where everything changed in your personal and professional lives, Accounting not only adapted and overcame, but THRIVED!  Whether it was remote working, the need for new and evolving management reports to navigate the ever-changing COVID business landscape, tracking new tax laws under the CARES Act or taking on additional work to not only meet, but reduce reporting deadlines, you exemplified what makes this team and this Company truly one of a kind.  Thank you!

Thank You, Accounts Payable!

Thank you to the Corporate Accounts Payable Team for an amazing year. The last year has been full of challenges but the AP team has stepped up to meet those challenges every single day. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work and commitment to the company and to our team. Cheers to another successful year!

Thank You, Accounts Receivable!

Our Accounts Receivable team is flexible! This team has done an incredible job demonstrating excellence in the ways they have supported our teams, providing exceptional customer service and delivering continued results all while navigating a remote and/or changing work environment. Well done!

Thank You, Administration Team!

Thank you to our Admin Team, for shifting the ways you go about your daily work without missing a beat. When the buildings were closed, and as they remain at limited capacity, you continue to put your best foot forward representing us to our customers, supporting your fellow Associates, and observing safe practices.

Thank You, Payroll & Benefits Advisors!

Payroll & Benefits Advisors, thank you for navigating drastic shifts in pay structures as well as benefits changes that pertained to COVID-19. Your work and problem solving lived between a remote environment and on-site in the office, well done.