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Benefits: Open Enrollment

Every facility will hold in-person meetings with benefits specialists in early August.  “Open Enrollment” closes on August 15. September 1 is the effective date for the next 12-month insurance plan.

Dayton: August 2
Cincinnati: August 5
Ohio Valley: August 6
Columbus: August 7
Toledoand Lorain: August 8
Kentucky, Cleveland, Youngstown: August 9

Times and locations of the meeting will be posted in your office building.

Use Paycor to Access Benefits Advisor

Employee’s payroll and HR information including contact information, job title and department, as well as earning and deduction history. To access Paycor, navigate from your browser to “managed bookmarks” – “Heidelberg Links” – and choose “Paycor” or

Your benefits, including details on costs and coverages are listed. Costs will feed to your Payroll deductions in Paycor. Open Enrollment to add or change your benefits is each year in August with a September 1steffective date. To access Benefits Advisor, log into Paycor.  Navigate to the “ME” tab and choose “Benefits.”