Victor’s Pride

Congratulations on Your Years of Service

Congratulations to those Heidelberg and Ohio Valley Associates that celebrated a special work anniversary during the first six months of 2020. We appreciate your service and thank each of your for Being the Roar!


50 Albert Vontz Executive
30 Gary Musser District Manager
Gerrard Vaughn NU Warehouse
Philip Westerfield UN Driver
25 Eugene Johnson Sales Pro
20 Brandon Blessing Sales Pro
15 Isidro Silverio NU Warehouse
Andrew Wallenhorst Sales Pro
Narcy Taylor NU Warehouse
Thomas Kramer UN Driver
Paul Prestel District Manager
Seth Holston Lion’s Edge
10 Steven Trutschel Maintenance
Edward Koenig Sales Pro
Nancy Kordenbrock 
Pricing Manager
Erik Braun District Manager
5 Nicholas Padgett Accounting
Corey Smith Sales Pro
Francisco Nunez UN Warehouse
Stephanie Rhoads Sales Pro
Jennifer Wallace 
Pricing Manager
Scott Fischesser 
District Manager


25 Patrick O’Sullivan Executive
20 Sean Hice Executive
Joyce Giembusz Sales Pro
15 Christian Hoffman UN Driver
Helena Durachinsky Sales Pro
Joanna Weigel Sales Pro
5 Scott Decker Management Sales
Viktoria Mercado 
Accounts Payable
Glendon Hewston UN Warehouse
James Owen Chain Manager
Paul Petitto Sales Pro
Matthew Adornetto UN Driver


20 James Wiggers District Manager
Judith Hall Administration
Warren Conkey NU Warehouse
15 Lori Whitlock Supply Chain
5 Paulena Robbins Administration Management
Alexandra Friedman WT Sales
Jason Falk District Manager
James Darnell NU Warehouse
Nicholas Wright Sales Pro
Nicklas Vitullo Sales Pro
Benjamin Hernandez-Lopez 
Sales Pro
Jordan Moore Chain Manager


20 Robert Vonderbrink 
District Manager
Kenneth Hall Sales Pro
Jason Nocero Sales Pro
Brian Waymire UN Driver
Terry Redd Sales Pro
15 Robert VanMetre 
General Sales Manager
Kathryn Oakes Executive
Teresa Beasecker 
Chain Manager
10 Claudia Brown 
Payroll & Benefits
Mike Sherwood 
District Manager
5 Thomas McGrew UN Driver
Matthew Greene Sales Pro
Erin Dotson District Manager
Neal Wages UN Driver
Andrew Garvic Sales Pro
Dane Widney Sales Pro


5 Stephen Hunter Sales Pro


30 Wendy Pickett
 Management Operations
Kevin Knight General Manager
20 Christopher Rogers 
NU Warehouse
Bryan Elgart IT
Elizabeth Smith Administration
10 Michael Rosso Sales Pro
Travis Dunbar NU Driver
Brian Jones NU Warehouse
5 Troy Tedford NU Driver
Heather Jones NU Warehouse
Justin Barnes Sales Pro
Blake Buckhannon Sales Pro


30 Scott Rheude 
Management Operations
Donald Homan
 General Sales Manager
Robert Finnell Sales Pro
25 David Cramer NU Driver
Scott Van Dyke Administration
20 Sunni Richter Administration
Bryan Varner NU Driver
15 Todd Mittler NU Driver
10 Marie Koehler Administration
Josh King NU Warehouse
Jeff Eads NU Driver
5 Kyle Miniard NU Driver
Lamard Smith NU Driver
Lauren Riegel District Manager
Darren Hudson NU Driver


30 David Roberts 
District Manager
25 Jarrod Demski Chain Manager
20 Troy Hensel Sales Pro
15 Stephen Drotar UN Driver
Sebastian Palicki 
Field Sales Manager
Timothy Krell Sales Pro
10 Stevie Hossler District Manager
Jody Rodkey Sales Pro
Joseph Lanning UN Warehouse
5 Thomas Walker UN Driver
Dustin Irwin Sales Pro
Sean Emery UN Driver
Emily Voland Sales Pro
Jordan Lane Sales Pro
James Ross UN Warehouse
Kevin Plunkett UN Warehouse