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Your good health:

Holiday season is here and even with COVID-19 changing the way that we will celebrate this year, it is still important to think before your drink. Be safe and smart! Even though the parties and gatherings will be smaller, it is still important to designate a driver. Your personal designated driver could be a taxi, Uber or a non-drinking friend. Whatever it is, be smart and be safe this holiday season before you have too many glasses of your favorite alcohol beverage. Besides putting yourself and others at risk, driving under the influence carries heavy costs in time and money. Don’t take chances – this holiday season or any time you’re having a few drinks. Plan ahead and stick with your plan. We want you, your family and friends to enjoy the festivities and get home safely!

If you’re hosting a party, even a small gathering, be a thoughtful host with some of the following tips:
→ Offer your guests a selection of non-alcohol beverages, and put them in a prominent, easily-accessible place. ASK your guests what they would like to drink instead of pointing them to the bar or handing them a drink at the door.
→ Serve food that is rich in protein, such as cheese and meats, instead of all-salty food.
→ You may not be able to count drinks that your guests consume, but you can try to watch out for those who seem to be over-consuming. Make sure they have a safe ride home or offer to let them spend the night at your place.
→ Close the bar at an appropriate time and put out the coffee, tea or other non-alcohol drinks to go along with sweets and desserts.

If you’re attending a party, use the same guidelines as if you were hosting an event. Make sure to eat food, drink in moderation and always have a sober ride home. Whether it’s a designated driver, an Uber or a cab, the cost of a sober ride home is much safer than getting arrested for a DUI.


Together Credit Union: Membership Benefits

Whether you have been a member of the credit union for a long time or are just starting to research why Together Credit Union is better than a bank, it’s time to start talking about all credit unions have to offer.

First, credit unions are owned and operated by its members.
Credit unions are not-for-profit financial institutions, owned and operated by our members.  Because the stakeholders are our members, credit unions are typically able to offer lower fees and better rates on products, like loans and credit cards.

We have a variety of financial services available.
You can see a full list of services available on the Together Credit Union website, but here’s a quick list of major products they offer:

  • Auto Loans: With 100% financing and terms up to 84 months.
    Special offer note:  New and existing members who take out a loan for a new or used auto or completes an auto refi through December 31st, may receive .25% off the current APR* plus a $100** bonus.*
  • HomeAdvantage: You can search, buy, sell and save thousands with this easy-to-use program. Find the right real estate agent and earn cash rewards at closing when you use a HomeAdvantage agent.
  • Home Loans: Check current rates, use our financing calculators, and apply for a home loan online.
  • Visa Credit Cards: Different cards to fit your purchasing style.
  • Student Loans: Find affordable student loans and get the right resources for understanding repayment.
  • Financial Planning: Planning for the future not only affects yourself, but the ones you love for generations to come. We offer comprehensive financial planning and free consultations with our financial advisors through Together Investment and Retirement Services.And we believe in providing you all the financial resources you’ll need to make the best decisions for your family.
    Check out Together CU’s Resource Center for making money management easier. The resource center has topics like:
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement Planning
  • Credit Scores and Reports
  • Identity Protection
  • How to Have Family Conversations About Money

They also have a YouTube channel with different financial education topics and new videos uploaded every month.

Questions? They are here for you. To become a member of Together Credit Union, you can start the membership application online or contact Teresa Evans, branch manager at our Columbus location at or 1-614-888-2299.

Did Together CU mention you can find a special auto loan or refi discount with them?  From now until December 31st, 2020 any new or existing member of Together Credit Union who applies for a new or used auto or refinances their auto loan from another financial institution may receive .25% off the current APR* and a $100** ‘Thank you’ for trusting us to be your financial partner.  

Ready to apply for your new auto loan?  Jump straight to our Together Credit Union Auto Loan Application page.

IT Support:

  • Your IT Department is here for you!!! During business hours support is available by sending an email to, opening a ticket in Service Now or by calling 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374). For afterhours critical support, please call 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374)

VIP Major Upgrade to V16:

  • In late February 2021, we will be upgrading to the latest version of VIP. The IT Team along with critical team members for the Administration, Operations, Supply Chain, Pricing, and Accounting are thoroughly testing the solution to ensure a smooth upgrade. Continue to watch your email for more information regarding the upgrade along with numerous training opportunities that will be offered.

During major upgrades, VIP migrates programs and procedures from traditional VIP (Green Screen and JWalk) to Beverage on the Web. On the V16 upgrade, all functionality and procedures of Inventory. Some of the enhancements moving to Beverage on the web include:

  • Entering and posting adjustments, breakage, and repacks
  • Taking physical inventory
  • Visibility to a wealth of inventory information
  • Visibility to inventory history
  • Visibility to counts and variances posted for past physicals
  • Visibility to inventory layers and improved code date monitoring
  • Visibility to allocations

Digital Bulletin Boards:

  • Communicate day-to-day messages with all team members at all locations

 Asset Refresh:

  • Utilizing asset lifecycle management to systematically drive efficiency through performance, flexibility, and cost management we are currently updating assets in all locations.

 Easy Ops / Easy Pick:

  • A new browser-based VIP tool to perform daily warehouse tasks with a UPC scan-to-print system.
  • Currently being tested in Columbus.

Heidelberg Applications:

  • Heidelberg generated applications that are being developed to help the performance of the Supply Chain and Pricing Teams.
  • Pricing Application
  • New Item Set up
  • New Supplier Set up
  • Freight Calculator
  • Chain Forecasting
  • Sample Billbacks
  • Chain Authorization