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4 New Year Personal Finance Resolutions for 2021

The start of a new year can inspire a lot of promise for making your personal finance goals even better than before. Here are four New Year personal finance resolutions that will help get you going in the right direction for 2021.

1 – Take a Look at How You’re Saving
It never hurts to put more in the bank. Look at your budget to see where you can pull a little extra money for savings. It might be hard to cut back the first couple of months, but by the end of the year it will be worth it.

Pro-tip: It’s okay to start small. Even if you save just an extra $20 per week, that’s over a thousand dollars by the end of the year (on top of whatever else you’re saving).

2 – Speaking of Budget…
This is a good time of year to look at your overall finances. Together CU even have a helpful budget module to get you started.

Pro-tip: The 50/20/30 Rule can be a great starting point for outlining your personal finances. The formula helps break down exactly where your paycheck should be going: 50% for needs, 20% for savings, and 30% for wants.

3 – Prioritize Your Debts
Debt can be stress-inducing. It may feel impossible to pay off your debts in the New Year but getting a control of them can help reduce stress and give you an outlook on where you stand financially.

    Pro Tip: Start by paying those debts with the highest interest rates – such as a credit card. Paying down this way will save you money in the future. And sometimes switching those high-interest balances to a personal loan can reduce how much you pay in interest and could even lower your monthly payment.

    4 – Review Your Current Financial State
    Age doesn’t matter. Financial status doesn’t matter. What matters is your financial wellbeing for many years to come. At the beginning of a new year, take the journey to securing your financial future and speak with a trusted financial professional.

    Pro-tip: Meeting with a financial professional is free for members of Together Credit Union. They can talk about anything with you from comprehensive financial planning and financial advice to retirement planning and insurance services. Schedule a call with our Together Investment and Retirement Services today to get started.

    Questions? They’re here for you! To become a member of Together Credit Union, you can start the membership application online or contact Teresa Evans, branch manager at our Columbus location at or 1-614-888-2299.

    IT Support:

    • Your IT Department is here for you! During business hours, support is available by sending an email to, opening a ticket in ServiceNow or by calling 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374). For afterhours critical support, please call 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374)

    VIP Major Upgrade to V16:

    • Over the weekend of February 19, 2021, we will be upgrading to the newest version of VIP, V16. As with other version updates, VIP migrates procedures and functions from traditional VIP (Green Screen and JWalk) to Beverage on the web and removes obsolete procedures.
    • In the V16 release, the inventory process and all related functionalities will be migrated to Beverage on the Web. Attached are V16 release notes and a guide to changes in V16.38 from VIP.

    In January, we are offering numerous training sessions hosted by VIP to review the changes and familiarize users with the new processes.

    New features in V16:

    • Entering and posting adjustments, breakage, and repacks on the web
    • Taking physical inventory on the web
    • Visibility to a wealth of inventory information on the web
    • Visibility to inventory history on the web
    • Visibility to counts and variances posted for past physicals on the web
    • Visibility to inventory layers and improved code date monitoring on the web
    • Visibility to allocations on the web
    • Ability to customize USER field names
    • Partial case pickups can be defined at the RETAILER level
    • Up to 8-digit load numbers are available
    • Invoice messages can be set up by invoice type
    • Create custom invoice templates
    • Use laser printed invoices for SAMPLES and DOCKSALES

    In preparation for the upgrade to V16, users should begin to use the replacement on Beverage on the Web currently available for the functions that no longer will be available.  To view the complete list of obsolete commands, their web replacement, and the version the command is inactive, type SEECMDTRK on any screen in traditional VIP.

    Obsolete function in V16 and their replacement:

    • IF and ID reports – Use RANKER or iDig
    • IQIDAILY – Use Retailer Invoice History on the web
    • IQINVEN – Use Inventory Inquiry on the web
    • IQINVD – Use Work with Orders on the web
    • DAYCHG (Except Dayton) – Use Work with Orders on the web
    • LOADCHG – Use Reconcile Loads on the web

    Digital Bulletin Boards:

    • Communicate day-to-day messages with all team members at all locations in Dayton, Ohio Valley, and Columbus completed. Youngstown, Cleveland, Lorain, Perrysburg, and Kentucky early 2021 

    Easy Ops / Easy Pick:

    • A new browser-based VIP tool to perform daily warehouse tasks with a UPC scan-to-print system
    • Currently being tested in Columbus

    Heidelberg Applications:

    • Heidelberg generated applications that are being developed to help the performance of the Supply Chain and Pricing Teams
    • Pricing Application
    • New Supplier Set up
    • Freight Calculator
    • Chain Forecasting
    • Sample Billbacks
    • Chain Authorization