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During the week of January 18-22, we celebrate Warehouse Appreciation Week! This year is an extra big thank you to the men and women in the warehouse for all of their hard work during the challenge of the COVID pandemic as well as the usual craziness of the year end push of “OND” (October, November, December).

The Heidelberg Wheel does not spin without operations receiving products, pulling orders, loading trucks and taking inventory. Each of these efforts assisting the company in getting product to our retail partners each and every day. 2020 would not have been as successful if not for the men and women working in our warehouses. The General Managers in each of our locations have words of thanks and praise for their warehouse teams.

Make sure to say thank you to your local warehouse crew!  Banners, celebrations and a special gift await warehouse Associates during Warehouse Appreciation Week. Thanks, Team Warehouse!

Columbus (red)

“The tireless efforts of the warehouse crew are the backbone to our success. They seem to accept all adversity we send to them and still get the job done. Great work guys & gals.”
Greg Maurer Vice President / General Manager, Columbus

Ohio Valley (black)

“Our warehouse team is as important to our overall success as any group within Ohio Valley. Without their daily effort and expertise, our sales and delivery teams cannot be as efficient and nimble as they need to be. Their knowledge and talent paid big dividends in 2020, and greatly attributed to our overall success.”
Brian Cunningham - Vice President / General Manager, Ohio Valley

Youngstown (red)

“Every spoke in our wheel is vitally important to our success and none more so than our warehouse personnel. With the sharp increase in sales, due to COVID-19, these employees took on an increased workload in 2020. They have done all the extra work asked of them with very few complaints and definitely deserve to be honored this Warehouse Appreciation Week. GREAT JOB TEAM YOUNGSTOWN!”
Tom McClafferty - Vice President / General Manager, Youngstown

Lorain (black)

“2020 has obviously been an interesting/transitional year. The Lorain Warehouse Team has weathered it all from COVID-19 positives and quarantines to inventory issues and increased transfers. From increased volume and stocking to new employee roles and responsibilities. I am very proud of how they have supported each other to get this important work done.”
Kevin Knight - Vice President / General Manager, Lorain

Cincinnati (red)

“We cannot say thank you enough to our Warehouse Team for the outstanding work over the past year. They’ve overcome changes to our business, safety and health concerns, staffing issues, inventory problems and many other challenges as we’ve navigated through 2020 together. They’ve stepped up when asked and worked together to take care of our customers. They illustrate our core values every day and make this a great place to work. Onward to 2021!”
Toby Coston Vice President / General Manager, Cincinnati

KY (black)

“Our Warehouse Team has been solid as a rock all the way through this crazy year. They have adapted to handle the boom and bust periods of freight arrivals and worked tough hours to accommodate truckers from all over the country. Our warehouse crew definitely ROARed for Heidelberg Kentucky in 2020!”
Jimmy Carpenter - Executive VP and General Manager, Kentucky

Dayton (red)

“We are proud of this valuable team of day and night warehouse associates. This essential group has always been there for us to keep our “wheel” turning at max capacity. It has never been more evident than these last 10 months just how pivotal of a role this group plays. The pride and excellence you have to be here every day, the improved communication you have shown, your ability to adapt to the role you need to play that week – it is awesome and appreciated and never taken for granted.”
Chris Rammel - Vice President / General Manager, Dayton

Cleveland (black)

"The Warehouse Team in Cleveland has been the backbone of our operational stability throughout the pandemic. This crucial team led by John Kelly and Eric Flatt have risen to the occasion and have gone above and beyond to support our customers growing needs. Saf Kaldas manages the most stable and productive 3rd shift in Heidelberg Cleveland’s history! This group of dedicated associates live the Heidelberg Mission, Vision, Values and continue to make me proud."
Sean Hice - Vice President / General Manager, Cleveland

Toledo (red)

“Totally amazed at the professionalism of our Warehouse team in 2020, they handled every obstacle with class and dignity and still managed to deliver 25% more Beer and Wine on time and under budget. Jon Loucks and his team all earned All – Pro honors in this very challenging year.”
Tom McHugh – Vice President / General Manager, Toledo

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