Meet Our Leaders

Jerry Borzie

Operations Manager Kentucky

What is your background and career path at Heidelberg?
I started at Heidelberg in 2010. I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, GO PACK GO! My college team is the Wisconsin Badgers (ON WISCONSIN!). From my first day in Columbus with Heidelberg, I felt the pride of the company. My goal was to be the best at everything the company offered. This has been my work ethic since starting my first job at age 15. From the beginning, Heidelberg for me was home. I began as a driver; the physical part of delivery, the customer service and the smiles. After three years of delivery I became a supervisor. Not only did I get to shine with my customers and whoever’s route that I was on, I got to see all of what the delivery team had to offer. I got to share the pride that I felt for the job with others. This was right up my alley. I am passionate and love people!

What are your job responsibilities and priorities?
I am the Kentucky Operations Manager. There are many moving parts to this position including, managing three different teams (delivery drivers, day warehouse and night warehouse). Building tiers within the operations department for each of those teams. Working together with the sales and admin teams to keep the relationships with those departments in the operation positive, productive and profitable. Working closely with the general manager and general sales manager to meet goals and last but certainly not least, managing equipment and all rules of engagement within our facility.

Any recent accomplishments or notable projects from you/your team?
Kentucky was operating out of two warehouses when I arrived. It was discussed that we were losing quite a bit of inventory and we needed to become more efficient. We closed the Louisville warehouse which had 10 drivers and two warehouse employees. The challenge was having to reconfigure routing and hiring all from a single warehouse in Hebron, which was 90 miles away. I didn’t sleep for weeks! The consolidation has taken place and it has been a success! It was stressful but the end result has been tremendous.

Who do you interact with on a regular basis – suppliers, retailers, management, HDC “wheel” teams?
I am planning alongside some of the smartest individuals I have ever worked with. From our GM, office manager, GSM and operation directors, I am learning new things every day. That’s what I mean about the pride, EVERYONE BELIEVES!  I BELIEVE! Everyone you meet at this level has that glow and the will to change things!

How has the business and/or company changed since you joined Heidelberg?
When I started, we were delivering monster energy, forty-ouncers and Woodbridge. The energy drink craze has gone away to some extent. This seltzer craze and low calorie drinks is beyond me, I really don’t get it but it has certainly made the needle move. I am able to see more of what Heidelberg does in my current position. I get a great sense about the passion that Heidelberg makes you feel. You can really see how they care for the world and people

I don’t know what is next for me, but I want to motivate and create a new lane of management. This lane would be the encouragement of staffing, the efficiency of delivering and safety. I believe in BEING THE ROAR! Those words are not just for show, I have been this way my whole life. I just found folks that feel the same.

How do you like to spend time when you’re away from work (family/hobbies)?
I love to create new ways to cook food, I love to smoke meats and develop recipes. I like a glass of bourbon and a nice cigar. My wife Lauren Borzie is my best friend, I don’t know how I made it through life without her. Sharing laughs with friends and family are my favorite times.