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Even if you’re not ready to retire, you may want to attend a seminar designed especially for Heidelberg Associates at 11:30 a.m. on June 12. Representatives Nate Epp and Michael Hermes from Horan, a financial services company, will present the Medicare & Social Security seminar in the Dayton office, and it also will be available via ZOOM in each of our locations.

You’ll hear about strategies on when to start collecting your Social Security funds and the many elements associated with Medicare Parts A, B, C and D. You’ll also learn how to investigate and make decisions about supplemental insurance once you have retired.

Space is limited in Dayton, so register by June 13 with Jenny Lockard. This includes ZOOM registration as well.

Your good health:

Planning a vacation can be exciting and fun . . . and you want to be safe while you’re enjoying your time away from home. Here are some tips from Protection1, a security solutions firm:

Stay off Social Media: Don’t tip criminals off by sharing too much information, such as dates and locations. You may want to save those photos until you return home.

Give friends or family your itinerary: This includes flights, hotels and dates of your departure and return. If you are going out of the country, give someone a copy of your passport. A trusted neighbor also should be enlisted to phone you if they observe anything unusual going on at your home. You also may want to stop your mail or notify local police if you’ll be gone an extended period of time.

Home security: If you do not have a security system, buy a couple of light timers to give the illusion you are home. Lock all doors and windows and close the blinds or curtains before you leave.

Driving vacation: Be sure you have your license, registration and car insurance information with you. Keep valuables in the trunk, park in well-lit areas and keep your doors and windows locked.

Flying vacation: Pack light to meet size and weight restrictions. Have copies of all plane tickets and IDs, and watch your carry-on items.

Beach vacation: Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen! You also need to take breaks in the shade throughout the day. Make sure a lifeguard is on duty, and if you get caught in an ocean current, swim parallel to the shore until the rip passes.

Cruise vacation: Attend the safety briefing and study evacuation routes. Keep your room locked and valuables in the safe. Stay in groups on and off the ship and be attentive in strange settings.

Vaccinations, medications and diet: Make sure ALL members of your family or group have their vaccinations and shots up to date. Don’t leave home without necessary medications, and encourage everyone to drink plenty of water throughout the trip.

Tips from Anheuser-Busch Employee’s Credit Union
7 Ways to Improve Your Financial Wellness

Research personal finance resources.
Think about personal finance topics or areas of finance you’ve always wanted to know more about, and start researching.  Whether it’s an article about budgeting tips, a podcast about saving for retirement, or a book from the library about investing—curiosity is the best place to start.

Use the assistance of a mobile budgeting app.
If you’re one of the 77% of Americans who have a smartphone, it may be time to incorporate a mobile budgeting app to assist with tracking your spending habits. Many budgeting apps will allow you to set savings goals or simply give tips and tricks on how to be more thoughtful with each dollar.

Take a personal finance class or attend a workshop.
There are wide varieties of financial literacy classes and workshops from certified professionals who can walk you through being more “money conscious” and have more in-depth conversations about specific personal finance topics.

Make a “No Spend” Month plan.
Living below your means will help increase your savings and create financial relief as you begin to pay yourself first.Try a “No Spend” 30 day challenge to help make you more aware of how you’re spending habits affect your budget.

Review your credit card agreement.
Your credit card company may have annual fees or charges you aren’t aware of. Check your credit card agreements for service charges or annual fees. If you see additional fees, call them—they may waive it to keep you as a customer.

Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union focuses on financial wellness year round. Contact Kim Kaporis for membership or more information.