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Your good health:
June is Men’s Health Month.

The purpose of Men’s Health Month is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease. Most of the factors that contribute to men’s shorter, less healthy lives are preventable. The biggest way to prevent those issues starts with seeing a healthcare provider on a regular basis.

Adult men in the United States visit primary care providers at lower rates than adult women and on average men in the US die five years younger than US women do. A big part of visiting their primary care physicians will help men to establish baselines for factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and prostate cancer risk. Monitoring how these change over time, will enable your provider to catch potentially dangerous conditions early – when they are still treatable.

In addition to scheduling a regular visit to their primary care physician, there are other things that  every man can do to get on the right track for better health not only for June but all year long.

Get Physical – Take a daily walk, go for a bike ride, once things open back up, join a rec league at your local community center or go to the gym. Anything that you can do to get moving will help. Get motivated and make your exercise routine a regular habit!

Eat Healthy – Develop mindful eating patterns that includes nutritious and flavorful foods. It’s important to remember to cut down on sugars and fats with each meal and make sure to increase your intake of fiber and eat more fresh vegetables, and fruits.

Be an Ally – Whether it is your friend, brother, dad, boyfriend, spouse, or boss, show them you care about them and their health. Help them to make healthy lifestyle choices! Be supportive!

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Purchasing a Car + Social Distancing

Since the Coronavirus Pandemic, businesses of all kinds have had to reassess the way they obtain their sales goals—car dealerships have been no exception.

Buying a car during a time of economic uncertainty may not be the best financial decision for everyone, but if you were already on the hunt for a vehicle or currently find yourself without reliable transportation, it’s important to find safe, secure ways to purchase a car that protects you and your wallet.

How to Shop for a Car Online
There are a few benefits to buying a car online (or completing most of the process online). Here are some things you can do to buy a car and maintain social distancing.

  1. Pre-approval gives you purchasing power. You can always get preapproved online and look at rates for your next auto loan with your credit union. When you’re preapproved, it gives you a chance to compare your rate with your financial institution and any special deals the dealership may have at the time.
  2. Chat with the sales managers online. If you have questions about availability or a vehicle or the current purchase process, you may be able to avoid sitting on hold. Some dealership websites have a chat feature, or you can go to their social media pages to see if you can speak with a representative.
  3. Ask if you can schedule a test drive. To take a test drive in a safe, secure way, you may be able to schedule a test drive. This will give the dealership a chance to sanitize the vehicle. Some dealers will even bring the car to you.
  4. Ask if you can finalize the paperwork online and get the car delivered. Some dealerships may ask you to come in to sign final paperwork or documentation, but you can always ask if they provide a secure way to do it electronically. They may even offer the option to deliver your vehicle.

You can rest the rest of this article here.

Remember: It’s all about your comfort level. This is a unique time to be shopping for a car, and one of the most important things to consider is what makes you feel comfortable.

We’re here for you. Together Credit Union is committed to making sure you feel confident when you’re shopping for a car. Visit our Auto Loan page to see the ways you can finance, shop, and protect your vehicle purchase.

Questions?  Contact Teresa Evans at or reach our Columbus branch at 1-614-888-2299. Together Credit Union is an equal opportunity lender.

IT Support
Your IT Department is here for you!! During business hours support is available by sending an email to opening a ticket in Service Now or by calling 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374). For afterhours critical support, please call 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374).

VIP Upgrade
On Saturday, May 8, we successfully upgraded to the newest version of VIP, V15.24. Your IT Department along with Accounting and Supply Chain Teams thoroughly tested the functionality and features offered with this new release before the upgrade.

Training Videos
Recently you received in your email a training video produced by your IT Team explaining the differences of OneDrive and SharePoint and Cybersecurity. Keep an eye out for more videos on Service Now and VIP Sales Application.

Brand Builder
Released VIP’s digital product catalog that helps to tell the stories of our brands, to suggest similar brands, and to educate our retailers and consumers.

M360 – Mobility
In June Dayton AB Sales Associates will begin using M360 empowering the chain team to work effectively with the right information at the right time.

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