Meet Our Leaders


Director of Information Technology

rene carterWhat is your background and career path at Heidelberg?
I started with Heidelberg back in 1999. At the time, there was not a formal pricing department, so I was hired as a local pricing coordinator and was responsible for entering local pricing and other miscellaneous office duties. This was at a time when Columbus not only had its own database, but its own server, so pricing was much different than it is today. In 2005, I joined the IT Department as local tech support for Columbus. In 2011, I was promoted to IT manager and in November of 2013, I was promoted to senior technical manager. After being named senior manager of application development in 2016, my most recent promotion came in 2017, when I was named director of information technology. I hold an Associates of Arts and a BS in Business Information Systems, which I completed during my career at Heidelberg.

What are your job responsibilities and priorities?
As director of information technology, it is my responsibility to oversee all aspects of technology for the company. I research new technology and present initiatives that will help Heidelberg better serve their customers and enhance current processes more efficiently while trying to minimize costs. This summer, our priorities are implementation of VIP Delivery, giving our drivers technology to help streamline delivery of product and the last installment of single database, bringing the final two databases in Ohio into the single database environment.

Any recent accomplishments or notable projects from you/your team?
IT has had many successes this year bringing Heidelberg new projects. Some recent accomplishments have been transitioning from Box to SharePoint, implementing VIP Delivery in Columbus and Lorain and upgrading our VIP ERP system. Most notably, we brought Dayton into the Single Database environment.

Who do you interact with on a regular basis – suppliers, retailers, management, HDC “wheel” teams?
IT touches every department at Heidelberg. I routinely have meetings with operations, admin, supply chain and revenue management leaders to discuss upcoming projects or initiatives that IT can assist with.

How has the business and/or company changed since you joined Heidelberg?
There have been so many changes that I’m not sure where to start! From a technology standpoint, there has been a lot that has changed. When I started, each site had their own AS400 system, not just their own databases. Sales Professionals have gone through several devices, ranging from the old MSI units, to various palm and pocket PC devices and now iPads. As time has passed and technology has improved, we have definitely changed with the times.

How do you like to spend time when you’re away from work (family/hobbies)?
At home, my wife and I enjoy spending time with our four dogs, all rescued miniature pinschers, ranging in age from 1 to 14 years. I like to read non-fiction books, listen to music and practice playing instruments. I have recently been taking piano lessons. I also play violin, guitar and bass guitar.