June Trade News


Welcome back to the on-premise! A new survey from OpenTable and the James Beard Foundation has found that consumers are more comfortable with dining out and visiting on-premise venues (both indoors and outdoors) then they were at list time last year. 54% of diners surveyed said they plan to go to a full-service restaurant in 2021 once a week or more. 


The value of wine grape crops in Napa County, was cut in half in 2020, reaching only $461 million as compared to 2019’s $937 million. The 60,000-ton production reduction is attributed to area wildfires as well as the economic effects of COVID-19. 


  • Anheuser Busch In Bev announced on May 6 that Carlos Brito will step down after 15 years as CEO and 32 years at the company. The company’s board of directors unanimously elected current U.S. chief, Michel Doukeris, to succeed Brito as CEO of ABI, effective July 1, 2021. 

What are the best beer cities in America and just how are they ranked? How about by measuring the number and density of breweries within each metro area and the number of beers and styles per brewery. Check out the list compiled by Real Estate Witch. Heidelberg has three cities in the top 15 and a total of four on the list.

  • Presented by the National Beer Wholesalers Association (the NBWA), the “Beer First” initiative is centered on growing the beer category and stemming spirits and wine market share momentum. The Beer First toolkit – accessible through the Beer First website will help distributors present “Why Beer?” to on and off premise customers. 


Truly launched a new ad campaign on Saturday Night Live in mid-May featuring pop superstar Dua Lipa with the slogan “No One is Just One Flavor.” Truly now sports 27 flavors between their lemonade, iced tea and new punch lines. Truly is up 80% in 2021. 

Canteen Spirits an Austin, Texas ready to drink (RTD) company recently signed a distribution deal with Anhueser-Busch. Crafted with vodka and sparkling water and natural flavors and coming in at 5% ABV the seven “All American” flavors is a part of AB’s Beyond Beer portfolio. 

A new item just in time for the lazy days of summer! Paradise is just a twist away! Shake your maracas and explore this ready to drink Reggae Peach Margarita, bursting with splashes of limes, lemons, oranges, and peaches. Available in Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Lorain, Ohio Valley, Toledo, and Youngstown.