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Your good health

It’s National Nutrition Month, an annual campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This organization is the largest group of food and nutrition professionals in the U.S. and they have some healthy tips to get us all on the road to better living through food choices.

Vary your diet
Eat a variety of nutritious food every day. That means eating food from ALL food groups; drinking plenty of water; learning how to read those “Nutrition Facts” panels on packaged foods; learning to practice portion control; and taking time to actually ENJOY the food you are eating.

Meal Planning
Plan your meals each week. Use a grocery list (and stick to it!) to shop for healthy foods. When dining out, be menu-savvy and try to plan what you can eat. Choose healthful recipes to make during the week or try to “make-ahead” meals so you are not tempted to grab fast food. And be careful at work or while traveling: Plan ahead!

Cooking and Food Preparation
Learn skills to create tasty meals: Keep heathy ingredients on hand; practice proper home food safety; share meals together with a family when possible; reduce food waste; and try new flavors and food so you’re not falling back into bad food habits.

Where to find professional help
If you cannot get started on healthy eating, or your bad habits are just too difficult to break, ask your primary care doctor for a referral to a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). An RDN is a specialist who can give you personalized nutrition advice to meet your goals and serve your unique physical needs.

Wellworks 2020 Wellness Program

Heidelberg is excited to announce the 2020 Wellness Program! Employees and eligible spouses will have opportunities to participate in various wellness activities that can reward you with incentives at the end of the benefit year! Please read below to learn more about your 2020 Wellness Program.

Log into Your Wellness Portal

All employees and eligible spouses will have access to their very own personal Wellness Portal. In order for your participation to be tracked, employees must have an account. Please Note: If you already have an account, you do not need to create a new one.

New User? Login Today!

  • Go to
  • Click the link to create an account as a New Member
  • Enter you Company ID: 11332
  • Complete the registration process

Forgot Your Username or Password?

  • Select the Forgot Username or Forgot Password links on the homepage

Enter your email address to initiate the password reset or username retrieval process or contact Wellworks For You at 800.425.4657 for additional assistance.

Earn Your 2021 Incentive

Earn a Bi-weekly Premium Differential (Employees and Spouses)
By successfully completing Steps 1 + 2, you can earn a $70 bi-weekly premium discount ($1,820 annually)!
1. Complete an Annual Physical Exam with Lab Work/Physician Results Form ($35 biweekly premium discount)
2. Tobacco Attestation/Cessation e-Learning Series, if applicable ($35 biweekly premium discount)

Employees and spouses must both complete the program requirements to be eligible for the full premium differential. Each program requirement equals $35 bi-weekly in premium discounts.

Earn a $100 Gift Card (Employees Only)
Participate in three (3) Additional Activities listed below.


  • Preventative Exams
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Race Participation
  • Physical Activity Log
  • Volunteer
  • e-Learning Series
  • Fifth Third Financial Educational Center

Access all of your 2020 program details in the 2020 Program Guide, linked below! The Program Guide is also located on the Wellness Portal under MENU>Wellness Locker.

What’s New This Year?

Notifications Inbox! View your Wellness Program Reminders in the Notifications Inbox located on the right side of your Wellness Portal homepage. Click on the bell above the Notifications Inbox to view your Wellness Program Reminders in detail.

The Fifth Third Financial Educational Center! This new additional activity is a digital financial education program designed to help you manage your money better and prepare for a secure financial future.

Questions About Your Wellness Program?

Contact Your Wellness Team!

All questions regarding your Wellness Program structure, status in your program, deadlines, etc. should be directed to your Wellness Team via the Wellworks For You Portal.

Simply select Contact Us from the Portal homepage or Wellworks For You mobile app. You can also call Wellworks For You at 800.425.4657.

Tips from Together Credit Union:

If you’re juggling credit card payments or high-interest loans, you may want to consider debt consolidation. Simplifying to one payment could help you not only save money on interest, but with fewer bills to keep track of, it can also free you up to focus on the important stuff.

How does debt consolidation work?
Essentially, debt consolidation means paying off some or all of your loan or credit card balances with one single loan, usually with a lower interest rate. For many people, it can be an effective tool to help you get to debt-free faster.

There are a few ways to consolidate debt. Our most popular options include:

Home equity: If you have been in your home for a while, you may be able to take advantage of historically low interest rates by refinancing your existing mortgage or applying for a home equity loan to pay off higher-rate balances.

Personal loan: Great for trading in several smaller loans and card balances for just one simple and predictable payment, with a clear finish line in sight.

Credit card balance transfer: This can be an easy way to lower the rate on existing card balances by transferring them into one card, especially if you can find a good introductory offer. (Check out the special we’re offering right now on balance transfers to a Together Credit Union Visa.)

But which one is best for you?

We can help you understand your options and find the right solution for your financial goals. Contact Teresa Evans at or reach our Columbus branch at 1-614-888-2299.

Together Credit Union is an equal opportunity lender (NMLS #401252).

News & information from your IT Team

Single Database:
Dayton’s merge to the Single Database environment was a success on February 15! Thank you to all the team members on their hard work in testing and during the go live weekend.

Completed Projects:

  • Okta – Office 365 was successfully federated providing Heidelberg an extra layer of security.
  • Okta – Introduction of the new Heidelberg Associates web page and PageDNA, new method of ordering print request from Lions Edge.

Ongoing Projects:

  • Driver iPads – Suppling the drivers with iPads that contain their routes. This gives the drivers the ability to reconcile the invoices as they deliver each stop. Going live in Lorain and Columbus on March 16.
  • SD-WAN – Replacement of internet connections solution in each location, giving IT the ability to increase response and resolution time.

Asset Refresh:

  • Utilizing asset lifecycle management to systematically drive efficiency through performance, flexibility, and cost management.
  • Kentucky, Youngstown, and Ohio Valley will be replacing iPads by March 10.

 Monthly Tip & Trick: Email Etiquette

With all the virus threats that invade our email here are a few reminders that can help you to be prepared:

  1. First think why would I be receiving this email from this person, especially if they have never requested or attached this type of information in the past?
  2. What type of extension does the attached file have? Is it *.zip, *.app, *.exe.? This could give you a clue that the attachment is a virus.
  3. If you are going to be sending out a link to a meeting, website or document it is usually a good practice to send out an introductory email that states you will be sending this out in another email; that way those that you are sending the link to do not become suspicious of the link.
  4. NEVER give out personal information that is requested from a link that you received in an email unless you are expecting such a link. Once they have your information you have been compromised. Ask yourself first why they would need this information, and have they ever asked for this before.
  5. If you ever have doubts if an email is legitimate or not please reach out to IT at before you do anything.