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Financial Planning is for Everyone

Everyone can benefit from having a personal financial plan. When you have a plan for your money, you’re more likely to turn your dreams into reality—buying a home, protecting your savings, retiring comfortably, and more. Let’s break down what a financial plan is and what you can accomplish when you have one.

A financial plan is a road map for your money. It’s where you set goals for budgeting, savings, debt management, investments, and insurance—for both the short term and long haul.

Financial planning can help you accomplish the following:

1. Clarifying Your Retirement Goals
While you might have vague visions of spending your golden years enjoying your hobbies, friends, and family…have you thought about how to make that future possible? Your financial plan can detail the actions you need to take each year to experience a secure and enjoyable retirement.

2. Discuss Long-Term Options Before They’re Needed
At some point, a chronic illness, disability, or other circumstance may cause you or a loved one to need help with daily living activities. Understanding home and community-based services, along with their costs, can help alleviate emotional and financial stress if that time comes. We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare for the possibilities. Your financial plan can include your preferences regarding staying at home versus moving into a long-term care facility. A long-term care insurance plan could also help cover associated expenses.

3. Focus on the Bigger Picture
In times of economic insecurity, many people may take actions that end up being detrimental to their hopes for the future. With a financial plan in place, you can stay calm, keep your eye on the end-game, and refrain from making rash decisions—such as cashing out your investments and losing out on potential post-recovery gains.

4. Keep Your Final Wishes Private
Financial planning documents often include either a will or a trust. Both are designed to make it clear how you’d like your property and assets distributed after your death, but there’s at least one significant difference between them.

Wills must go through court proceedings (public probate) before your final wishes can be executed. Trusts, which are privately held, can avoid public disclosure.

Creating a financial plan now gives you time to explore the details of both options to ensure you choose the best one for your situation.

Meeting with one of our financial advisors is free for Together Credit Union members. Schedule a call with the Together Investment and Retirement Services today to get started.

Whatever your personal finance journey looks like, Together CU wants to be there for you! To become a member of Together Credit Union, you can start the membership application online or contact Teresa Evans, branch manager at their Columbus location at or 1-614-888-2299.

IT Support:

  • Your IT Department is here for you. During business hours support is available by sending an email to, opening a ticket in Service Now or by calling 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374). For afterhours critical support, please call 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374).

VIP Major Upgrade to V16:

  • Over the weekend of March 20, 2021, we will be upgrading to the newest version of VIP, V16. As with other version updates, VIP migrates procedures and functions from traditional VIP (Green Screen and JWalk) to Beverage on the web and removes obsolete procedures.
  • In the V16 release, the inventory process and all related functionalities will be migrated to Beverage on the Web. Attached are V16 release notes and a guide to changes in V16.38 from VIP.

New features in V16:

  • Entering and posting adjustments, breakage, and repacks on the web.
  • Taking physical inventory on the web.
  • Visibility to a wealth of inventory information on the web.
  • Visibility to inventory history on the web.
  • Visibility to counts and variances posted for past physicals on the web.
  • Visibility to inventory layers and improved code date monitoring on the web.
  • Visibility to allocations on the web.
  • Ability to customize USER field names.
  • Partial case pickups can be defined at the RETAILER level.
  • Up to 8-digit load numbers are available.
  • Invoice messages can be set up by invoice type.
  • Create custom invoice templates.
  • Use laser printed invoices for SAMPLES and DOCKSALES.

In preparation for the upgrade to V16, users should begin to use the replacement on Beverage on the Web currently available for the functions that no longer will be available.  To view the complete list of obsolete commands, their web replacement, and the version the command is inactive, type SEECMDTRK on any screen in traditional VIP.
Obsolete function in V16 and their replacement:

  • IF and ID reports – Use RANKER or iDig.
  • IQIDAILY – Use Retailer Invoice History on the web.
  • IQINVD – Use Work with Orders on the web.
  • DAYCHG (Except Dayton) – Use Work with Orders on the web.
  • LOADCHG – Use Reconcile Loads on the web.

Asset Refresh:

  • Utilizing asset lifecycle management to systematically drive efficiency through performance, flexibility, and cost management.
    • Quarter 1 refresh for Columbus, Cleveland, Ohio Valley, and Youngstown.

Easy Ops / Easy Pick:

  • A new browser-based VIP tool to perform daily warehouse tasks with a UPC scan-to-print system.
  • Currently being tested in Columbus.

Heidelberg Applications:

  • Heidelberg generated applications that are being developed to help the performance of the Supply Chain and Pricing Teams.
    • Transfer Application to track transfers between locations.
    • Pricing Application to automate extraction of pricing and costing data from VIP in real time.

Monthly Tip & Trick:
Using Formats on Beverage on the Web

There is a nice feature that is available in BOTW but may be often overlooked. It is the FORMAT function and is displayed below:

You can use this feature to highlight rows of data that meet a specific criteria. For example, in the list above I could create a format to highlight any record that contains a SALES TERRITORY that does not equal 535 as shown below:

Simply click FORMAT and enter in the following parameters:

As you can see all rows that do not have a SALES TERRITORY of 535 are highlighted in RED. Feel free to play around with this feature and see what a useful tool it can be.