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March 15-19 Heidelberg celebrates “Sales and Marketing Appreciation Week” in our nine markets in Ohio and Kentucky. The Associates that make up our sales and marketing teams in both states are second to none! With the COVID pandemic truly testing their professionalism, resolve and knowledge, they have exemplified our vision of “Thriving Adapting and Leading the Way to be our Customers’ #1 choice”


pat osullivanChief Sales Officer Pat O’Sullivan shared his thoughts on celebrating our sales and marketing pros for a job well done this past year and heading into the 2021 sales year.

“As we look in the rearview mirror back at 2020, it is amazing that our teams across all markets, thrived, adapted and proved that our mission truly is to be our customers #1 choice! So, thank you!

Our core values have never been stronger as shown during the pandemic and were on display to each other, our customers and to our supplier partners. The TEAMWORK from day one was evident as our on-premise teams assisted our retail teams in merchandising their stores, so our customers were able to keep up with the consumers pantry loading.

Our teamwork drove EXCELLENCE day in and day out as our teams across all  warehouses proved that our “corporate wheel” is strong and resilient.

We saw many trends change as we all worked thru 2020. With the stay at home orders, E-Commerce went thru the roof as well as “stay at home” parties that drove consumer consumption at retail. We saw our water business skyrocket; the “ready to drink” category go through the roof (+65%) as consumers wanted to make their own drinks at home… Cuervo +75%, Monaco +60%.

Big name brands grew the fastest in 2020, as consumers were attracted to brands they know and love… Like Anheuser Busch (six months of growth over the last nine), Busch Lt+ 20%, Twisted Tea + 44%, White Claw +57%, Truly +175%, Woodbridge +15%, Bota Box 60%, and Modelo +20%. We introduced some awesome brands like Fireball, 19 Crimes Cali Red, Bud Light Seltzer, Corona Seltzer and Absolut cocktails, which attracted many new consumers. We thrived and adapted to what 2020 brought us, so I thank you all!

As we head into 2021, I am excited for what you all built in 2020… with our customers, our supplier partners and what each of you accomplished. For 2021, we are leaning into the spirit and non-alcoholic categories and our planned growth for each is +30%. We feel our beer business will grow double digits again and new innovation will lead the way for growth, as we have added brands like Parrot Bay, Chi Chi’s and Early Times to many new markets. We are excited for the innovation from our beer suppliers such as Michelob Ultra Seltzer and we know the lemonade/tea category will increase with the Mike’s and Truly brands.

Thank you for your leadership and making Heidelberg our customers #1 choice!”

Pat O’Sullivan
Chief Sales Officer