Driver Appreciation Week

September 12-18 is Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It’s a week to celebrate our professional truck drivers and to honor them and thank them for all of their hard work and commitment throughout the year. Professional truck drivers handle one of the most important jobs in our economy: delivering goods safely, securely and on time.    

With all that has transpired since the Covid 19 Pandemic began, one week is a short amount of time to show gratitude to delivery drivers for all they have done over the last 19 months. Every year the 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the United States, use 52 billion gallons of fuel a year and drive 432.9 billion miles.   

“In my 20 years in this industry as a fellow driver and now my current position, I can honestly say, I have never seen a group of individuals who stepped up more than our extraordinary delivery team, says Director of Operations North, Jody Myers. “We went through a whirlwind of a year throughout this pandemic. Our drivers were challenged with huge increases to volume to massive labor shortages in the warehouse and on the road. I have heard many stories of drivers stepping up and helping the night crew get finished on those many long nights or helping each other complete their routes in times of need. Their dedication, resilience, and teamwork made this last year possible. Thank you to each driver!” 

“I can’t say enough about the hard work and dedication of our driver teams.  Some of my favorite moments over my nearly 20 years with Heidelberg were on a delivery truck, says Director of Operations South Brian Oakes. “I’ll never forget the first dolly load of beer I spilled in a gravel parking lot at a drive thru in North Dayton, there were 24 ounce cans of Anheuser-Busch products rolling everywhere, and the driver I was helping yelled, ‘I don’t think this guy is gonna make it!’ I think he was joking, but to this day I’m still not sure. I remember thinking, this is a HELL of a lot harder than it looks. I’ve never been on a ride along with a driver that I didn’t learn something new. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the work each one of you do every day. In the heat, the cold, the rain, the snow, the Heidelberg driver is always ready to GO!!”

Thank you to all of our drivers who help Heidelberg continue to be our customers #1 choice! Your commitment to excellence each and every day has not gone unnoticed and we appreciate EVERYTHING that you do! 



One of the many things that make our team of drivers special is their commitment to safe driving.
Congratulations to all of these outstanding drivers for multiple years of being safe behind the wheel.  

Don VanSkaik 30 years  
Gary Graham 5 years  
Brandon Coley 5 years  

David Little  25 years  
William Fisher  20 years  
Steve Rhoden  10 years  
Mitch Field  5 years  
Branden Hilaszek  5 years  
Paul Langlois  5 years 

Nick Mathews  15 years  
Markest Matthews 5 years  

Jim Clapp 40 years  
David Tanner 25 years  
Billy Price 15 years  
Marty Ramsey 15 years  
John Kapnas 15 years  
Darryl Maenle 15 years  
Richard Kohlbacher 15 years  
Tim Snyder 5 years  

Dennis Bishop 10 years  
Zachary Genet 10 years  

Lance Morgan 30 yrs  
Kevan Gore 25 yrs  
Kevin Bullins 10 yrs 
Darren Hartley 5 yrs 
Jonathon Lowery 5 yrs  

Ohio Valley   
Doug Smith 40yrs  
Joe Olson 30yrs  
Ron Taylor 25yrs  
Dave Creamer 25yrs  
Bryan Varner 20yrs  
John Wolverton 20yrs  
Jim Niece 20yrs  
Mark Ellison 15yrs  
Scott Stapleton 15yrs  
Troy Daum 15yrs  
Jason Sexton 10yrs  
Jeff Boeing 10yrs  
Dan Elsea 10yrs  
Casey Caudill 10yrs  
Chris Roundtree 5yrs  
Randy Hampton 5yrs  
John Gibson 5yrs  
Kyle Miniard 5yrs  
Lamard Smith 5yrs  
Darren Hudson 5yrs  

Craig Rotz  5 years  


Here are messages of Appreciation to our Driver Teams from all of the Heidelberg Operations Managers.

mike gleason


“My driver team has proven their mettle everyday through this pandemic. Through heat, snow, rain and ice they got it done. Thank you for all the hard work, flexibility, dedication, and adaptability to overcome obstacles everyday out on the road. I salute you!”  

Mike Gleason, Operations Manager Cincinnati  

eric flatt


“I cannot say enough about my drivers in Cleveland. The last year was very challenging. The amount of hard work and camaraderie I witnessed was special. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be out there representing Heidelberg Distributing Company every single day. This week is for the Driver Team, but I would like for them to know I appreciate them every day.”  

Eric Flatt, Operations Manager Cleveland  

duane wright


“Our delivery team in Columbus exemplifies our CORE VALUES! They have worked as a team each day to take on additional work as we grow through the pandemic. Throughout the lockdown, our delivery team communicated the situations on the streets giving us better knowledge of how to serve our customers. They take pride in staying safe and taking care of our customers. ROAR ON!”  

Duane Wright, Operations Manager Columbus   

terry neece


“I hope you all understand just how important you are and that you’re not just delivering beer or wine. It’s much bigger than that. There are so many people involved in making and selling a single case of beer or wine. You think about the farmers who grow the hops or grapes, the people who manufacture the packaging, the people that built the equipment that’s used to produce and deliver, tractors, trailers, forklifts and trucks etc. There are a lot of people and families who benefit from every case of beer or wine you deliver. Be proud of what you do and we thank you for being the face of Heidelberg Distributing!”  

Terry Neece, Operations Manager Dayton  


“To be a good driver, you need to have a strong mental state and be a self-motivator. I have the highest appreciation for the individuals that do this job. D.R.I.V.E.R - Delivering Routes In Various Environments Responsibly  

Key word is RESPONSIBLY!”  

Jerry Borzie, Operations Manager Kentucky  

wendy pickett


“We honestly appreciate how you have pitched in to help with things that aren’t ‘your job’ during this hectic time. Because many other businesses are having the same struggles, our customers will remember you and the effort you are making to go the extra mile for them. We thank you for preserving these relationships. People remember people, not stuff. Here’s to all of us ‘hanging in there together!’  Roar On!  

Wendy Pickett, Operations Manager Lorain   

scott rheude


“It has been a roller-coaster year, with all the challenges our drivers have faced: COVID-19, weather, traffic, record sales, and increased stops counts. No matter what, our drivers get the job done. When out in the market, I love hearing positive feedback from our customers. Thanks for a JOB WELL DONE.”  

Scott Rheude, Operations Manager Ohio Valley  

jon loucks


“Team Toledo drivers, thank you for all your efforts and hard work! You are truly the best!”  

Jon Loucks, Operations Manager Toledo  

team youngstown

“Youngstown’s driving team is a top-notch group that no matter what is thrown at them, they get the job done day in and day out. Being short staffed, covering vacations and continuing to deliver products to our customers through the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone has stepped up to help other drivers, make special deliveries, and do anything else that may be asked of them. I could not be more appreciative of each one of them for all their hard work and dedication over the past year!”  

Dan Hagerty, Operations Manager Youngstown