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Your Good Health: Flu Shots

This year flu shots are more important than ever. Take a look at this overview from our health partners at Horan. Remember that getting your flu shot counts as an achievement for obtaining your $100 gift card for the new wellness plan period.

You can also listen to this podcast on the importance of flu shots with Dr. Malia Harper at TriHealth   


There are 30 million people in America that suffer with diabetes, and for those who have been diagnosed with the disease, diabetes impacts nearly every aspect of their daily life.

That’s why this year’s focus during American Diabetes Month is “Show the world what life with Diabetes is really like.”  If you live, work or interact with someone with diabetes, you should understand that they have to make daily decisions – often difficult – on what to eat, what to wear, do and how to take care of themselves. The 24/7 burden of diabetes is often misunderstood by everyone around them.

So take a few moments to think about how you can assist your family member, co-worker or friend with making decisions that will keep the effects of the disease at bay. Food portion sizes, meals with an even amount of protein, starches, fats, fruit and vegetables are all important on a daily basis. Exercise is important as well, since medical experts blame the current (Type 2) diabetes epidemic on sedentary lifestyles combined with poor dietary habits.

Here’s a quick review of diabetes:
TYPE 1 diabetes, often called “juvenile diabetes,” is an autoimmune disease where the pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that allows the body to get energy from food. Its onset has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle.

TYPE 2 diabetes, often diagnosed in adults, is when the body does not use insulin properly. As a result the pancreas makes extra insulin to compensate, but over time it is unable to keep up.

For children, the earliest signs of diabetes are increased urination and thirst. You might also notice your child has increased hunger or unexpected weight loss, or slow-healing cuts and sores.

The warning signs for adults are the same. Other symptoms include feeling drowsy or lethargic; headaches; dry mouth; insatiable hunger; pain or numbness in your extremities; vision changes; a fruity or sweet-smelling breath; or nausea/vomiting.

It is easy to see that many of these symptoms are brushed off as something temporary or mistaken as another health issue such as the flu, cold, stress, etc. Serious side effects of untreated or mismanaged diabetes range from blindness, confusion, amputation of feet and legs, constant pain, restlessness, vomiting, stroke and heart conditions.

Schedule a visit with your doctor as quickly as possible to have your blood sugar levels tested. Early detection is the best way to avoid long-term effects to the rest of your body. Untreated diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, circulation problems, heart attacks, strokes, loss of vision, failed kidneys and more.

For more information, visit the American Diabetes Association website.


Four Reasons the Holiday Season is a Great Time to Buy a Car
If you think you might be in the market to buy a new car soon, consider making this purchase before the year is over. As a consumer, you will have a few advantages when it comes to buying a car before January 1, 2021. 

  1. There is less competition for buying cars. As we start to brace for the winter season, a lot of people are thinking about ways to winterize their current vehicles, so less people are in the market to buy a car which means less people scheduling test drives and appointments.
  2. You have access to the newest car models available. If you are into top-of-the-line bells and whistles that come with newer models, this is the perfect time of year to start shopping around. Manufacturers typically start introducing their latest models in the fall and waiting to purchase until the holiday season means there will be a wider variety of new car choices to pick from. Bonus: If you are not concerned about buying the latest model, this is still good news for you! Dealerships will start to bring prices down on their 2020 and older models to make room for the newer ones.
  3. Lots of dealerships will offer holiday deals. You might have already started seeing advertisements for holiday offers from your local dealerships – and these can really save you money. Because dealerships want to make yearend sales quotes and want to make room for new car models, they might add extra incentives to get more people test driving cars. Car Shopping Tip: Some dealerships may put restrictions around holiday deals, such as requiring you to finance directly with the dealership (which can sometimes mean the rates aren’t as good as if you were preapproved at a financial institution).  Which means you may save money upfront, but in the long run the savings would even out. We suggest knowing what you can be preapproved for first, so you can compare your overall savings.
  4. Your chances of saving money are high. As a consumer there are many opportunities to save money when you buy a car at the end of the year: dealerships want to meet sales quotas before New Year’s, make room for new models, and the holidays make a great reason for special deals. Between what a dealership is offering and the low rates you can find, the chances of you saving money when you buy a car right now are high.

Did we mention you can find a special auto loan or refi discount with us?  From now until December 31, 2020 any new or existing member of Together Credit Union who applies for a new or used auto or refinances their auto loan from another financial institution may receive .25% off the current APR* and a $100** ‘Thank you’ for trusting us to be your financial partner.

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Questions? We’re here for you. To become a member of Together Credit Union, you can start the membership application online or contact Teresa Evans, branch manager at our Columbus location at or 1-614-888-2299.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Membership eligibility required. Subject to credit approval. Rates vary based on credit qualifications and terms and are subject to change. Discount based on rates at the time of loan closing. Offer valid on auto loans of $10,000 or more for purchase or refinance from another financial institution and closed between 10/5/2020 – 12/31/2020.

** $100 bonus offer requires direct deposit or payroll deduction in an amount equal to or greater than auto loan payment amount. The $100 incentive will be deposited in your Together CU savings or checking account at the time of loan closing. Offer expires 12/31/2020.

 IT Support:

  • Your IT Department is here for you! During business hours support is available by sending an email to, opening a ticket in ServiceNow or by calling 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374). For after hours critical support, please call 1-844-HDL-BERG (435-2374).

VIP Modular Upgrade

  • ON October 24th, we Upgrading to the latest version of VIP, V15.28, installing open tech request giving users the latest functionality.

Driver iPads:

  • All locations are now using driver iPads with Toledo and Cleveland going live in beginning of October. This gives the driver the ability to reconcile invoices as they deliver each stop and will be able to print a completed invoice to the account. 

Asset Refresh:

  • Utilizing asset lifecycle management to systematically drive efficiency through performance, flexibility and cost management we are currently updating assets in all locations. 

Easy Ops / Easy Pick:

  • A new browser-based VIP tool to perform daily warehouse tasks with a UPC scan-to-print system.
  • Currently being tested in Columbus.

Heidelberg Applications:

  • Heidelberg generated applications that are being developed to help the performance of the Supply Chain and Pricing Teams.
  • Pricing Application
  • New Item Set up
  • New Supplier Set up
  • Freight Calculator
  • Chain Forecasting
  • Sample Billbacks
  • Chain Authorization

Monthly Tip & Trick:

Zoom keyboard shortcuts for Windows
The following shortcuts work in the Windows desktop app.

General Commands:

  • Switch to Zoom’s meeting controls: Ctrl-Alt-Shift
  • Take a screenshot: Alt-Shift-T

In a Meeting:

  • Switch to active speaker view in video meeting: Alt-F1
  • Switch to gallery view in video meeting: Alt-F2
  • Start or stop video: Alt-V
  • Mute or unmute video: Alt-A
  • Mute or unmute everyone but the host: Alt-M
  • Open or close the share screen window: Alt-S
  • Pause or resume share screen: Alt-T
  • Start local recording: Alt-R
  • Start cloud recording: Alt-C
  • Pause or resume recording: Alt-P
  • Switch camera: Alt-N
  • View the previous or next 25 video streams in the gallery view: Page Up or Page Down
  • Toggle Always show meeting controls: Alt
  • Enter or exit full screen mode: Alt-F
  • Show or hide chat panel: Alt-H
  • Show or hide participant panel: Alt-U
  • Open invite window: Alt-i
  • Raise or lower hand: Alt-Y
  • Start using the remote control: Alt-Shift-R
  • Give up the remote control: Alt-Shift-G

In a chat:

  • Go to previous or next chat: Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down
  • Close the current chat: Ctrl-W
  • Switch between portrait and landscape mode: Alt-L
  • Jump to chat with someone: Ctrl-T
  • Search: Ctrl-F

In a phone call:

  • Call the selected number: Ctrl-Shift-P
  • Accept a call: Ctrl-Shift-A
  • Hold or unhold a call: Ctrl-Shift-H
  • End a call: Ctrl-Shift-E
  • Decline an incoming call: Ctrl-Shift-D
  • Mute or unmute: Ctrl-Shift-M