Feature Story


2020 has been a challenging year for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes when the times are challenging and the road isn’t always smooth, it is good to pause for a moment and remember all of the reasons we have to be thankful. Whether it’s family, friends, good health or the fact that our industry continues to stay busy and stay open, there are always reasons to count our blessings. Some of our Associates shared their reasons to be thankful this holiday season.

“There are so many things to be thankful for this year. Despite the hardships we have faced in 2020 and what we have gone through together as a company and as a family, I am thankful for all of our Associates in each and every one of our markets. The teamwork has been amazing to watch. Every market and every Associate pulling in the same direction and winning for our customers and for each other every single day. All of you have bought in to what we have been doing since this pandemic arrived in March. If not for everyone living our core values every day we would not have been able to succeed like we have and for that I am thankful. Be the Roar!”
Vail Miller Jr., Executive Team, Dayton

“Despite this terrible virus and unprecedented turmoil in our Country, we still have many things to be thankful for. My family has been safe and healthy and I hope that the families of all our associates are able to make it through these time unscathed. I am thankful that our companies have been able to survive and provide products to our customers and consumers. I am most thankful to all of our associates for pitching in wherever needed and the many ways these difficulties have brought them closer together. I hope that you will all be able to spend time with your families for Thanksgiving and pray for solutions to the many battles we are facing.”
Al Vontz III, Executive Team, Cincinnati

“I am so thankful for my family. All of my vacations were cancelled, so I spent my time with my family. I always spend time with my family but this year it has seemed extra special. I know people who do not have family and I could not imagine at this time with all of the hatred in the world today not having family. Friends and relationships come and go, but your family will always be there for you.”
Diana Keenan, Customer Service, Columbus

“In these unparalleled times, I am thankful to work in this great industry and for this great company! Heidelberg has been the gold standard in putting employees first and taking care of people from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many other people in and around our business have commented on the good that Heidelberg has done for its employees throughout and I am proud and thankful to work for such a great company!”
Chris Lennon, General Sales Manager, Heidelberg Wine, Dayton

“In early October my one year old grandson was mauled in the face by a dog and sent to Akron Children’s Hospital. I am so thankful this sweet young boy did not end up with any nerve, tissue or bone damage. He also did not end up with any eye damage as was predicted. Someone was looking out for him. I am praying for a full recovery and little scaring.”
Liz Smith, Accounts Receivable, Lorain

“I am thankful for my son, family and friends. This year has been tough on so many people. I am blessed to have a strong support system that backs me through life.”
Jennifer Wallace, Chain Pricing Lead, Cincinnati

“I am thankful for my family’s good health and well-being throughout this Pandemic. I am also very thankful to Heidelberg for being able to work from home and not have to drive that dreadful freeway every day. I miss my co-workers but try to keep in touch with periodic phone calls. I appreciate all that Heidelberg has done for employees during this time.”
Teresa Beasecker, Customer Development Manager, Dayton

“I’m thankful for the blessings of which God has provided. Loving family and friends, good health, awesome employment, just to name a golden few!”
Gina Benton, Director of First Impressions & Customer Service Trainer, Dayton

“I am very thankful for the warmer weather we have had recently. I love to walk, hike and ride my bike and have been loving hitting the trails with my husband and watching the leaves change.”
Connie Harget, Receptionist, Cleveland

“I am thankful for the health of the organization as a whole and the tremendous business we continue to see. I am also thankful for every department in this organization that kept this engine running and remained focused on our core values. From the sales team that continued to service our customers, to supply chain that kept the product in stock, to IT that continued to roll out new technology, to the admin team that worked through the many administrative challenges presented by this pandemic and to our outstanding operations team. Our mighty night crew took on these huge numbers and kept us going! Our amazing delivery crew weathered the streets to make sure our customers received the product they ordered, and our awesome day crew made sure the valuable goods we needed to keep our business running were received, put away, inventoried, and stocked! All of these cogs working together, describe our core values and the pride each and every employee has in each other and our organization! Roar on!”
Jody Myers, Director of Operations – North, Cleveland

“I know I speak for Ernest Brown and all of the Wine Trends management team when I say that we are thankful for our incredible sales professionals who have been out there, getting the job done no matter what this year has thrown at them. They are awesome!”
Dan Rapata, Director of Marketing and Sales, Wine Trends

“I am thankful for my family and my WONDERFUL girlfriend! “
Tyler Keith, Special Events Coordinator and Draft Maintenance, Lorain

“I am thankful for my HEALTHY family, especially with everything going on this year.”
Ray Mills, Driver, Lorain

“I am thankful for the all of the Associates I have been able to keep in communication with during these times. We have not been able to grab beers together or attend a Reds game, but we have still kept in touch and that has meant the world. It has given me a sense of normalcy and has shown how close we are at Heidelberg.”
Lyndsey Longshore, Marketing Manager, Cincinnati

“I am incredibly thankful for the health of my family. It has been fantastic throughout all of this mess. I am also thankful to work for a company that puts its employees first.  That is a rare thing in today’s times. Roar On!”
Todd Patterson, Vice President of Sales, Beer

“I am thankful for each and every single day.”
Sara Campbell, District Manager Walter Berman Wine, Toledo

“I am thankful for my family (home and work), being there for each other in this trying time, and staying healthy.”
Staci Testa, Administration Manager, Youngstown

“I am thankful for Team Youngstown. From the sales professionals and trainees on the streets, to the drivers who delivers the goods, to the night crew who load the trucks, to the warehouse staff who fill and stock the warehouse, to our cross dock drivers who pick up the goods, to the admin team, to the purchasing team who order our goods and to all of the management staff who make Team Youngstown: AND….. 42 STRONG!!!!
Paul Gause, General Sales Manager, Youngstown

“I’m Thankful for:

  • My local team who has rose to the challenge of working through COVID-19. I’ve seen so much team effort and people stepping up to help others.
  • Our company for making sure everyone is taken care of during the pandemic. It’s amazing how around the whole company everyone pulling together and figuring out how to get things done either by coming in or doing it virtually. Thank you to the Miller’s and Vontz’s for entrusting all of us to get the job done.
  • Thankful for my family and how we managed to pull off a socially distanced wedding this summer so that my baby brother could marry his sweetheart!
  • Thankful to God for watching over all of us and keeping us safe.
  • Thankful for the sales force and the drivers who managed to get in and get out quickly taking orders and getting them delivered.
  • Thankful for the tranquility that staying home brought to our lives.
  • Especially thankful for my dog Chester who loves me unconditionally.”

Trudy Saraz Marvin, General Manager Administration, Cleveland

“I’m thankful for the support and the many opportunities to make progress in my craft.”
Seth Holston, Video Production Specialist, Cincinnati

“After the year we are living in I am thankful that I am still alive and able to work. I have had a time with cancer and chemo this year. After just coming out of that fight with great news, we then went into the COVID era. I am very thankful that neither I nor any of my family have come in contact with this disease. I thank God for many friends and that with all the bad there seems to be a window open to help with our concerns. God bless everyone in this and every season.”
Judy Hall, Customer Service, Columbus

”I’m thankful for my new home in Sandusky and a happy mama!”
Melissa Incorvia, Administration, Lorain

”I am thankful and grateful for my family, especially my brother”
Tom Meikle, Night Router, Lorain