Victor’s Pride: October 2021

Revenue Management
Appreciation Week

October 18-23 is Revenue Management Appreciation Week. This department has exemplified our core value TEAMWORK, among many others. This team is constantly navigating change: whether they are adding new items, modifying existing items, or bringing on new chain-specific pricing, they do so with open communication and pride. Each day offers something different to this team and their resilience is worth celebrating! Thanks for remaining flexible through that all the last year has brought.  

shawn palmatier

“The Revenue Management Team continues to improve how we manage our Supplier Partner’s New Item and Pricing/Costing change requests along with handling the communication of our product pricing to the Heidelberg Sales Team and our growing list of Chain Customers. 

With 2021’s company growth this team handled increasing requests more accurately and efficiently than ever.  They live the Core Values in support of each other, our Supplier Partners, Customers, and Internal Sales and Supply Chain. 

As 2022 approaches they continue to set targets for even further improvement. Go Revenue Management Team!” 

Shawn Palmatier, VP Revenue Management 

tom mcnally

“I continue to be impressed with the way the Revenue Management Team has worked to together manage all the different aspects of pricing and costing that touch most all of our associates in one way or another, as well as our many supplier partners and external customers.

Our team has worked through day to day responsibilities and unexpected challenges equally well. They are well placed to take on whatever 2022 presents.”

Tom McNally, Director of Pricing & Costing

Cheers to these Associates
in the Revenue Management Department 

We also have listed some Associates who work closely between Revenue Management and other departments.
These Associates have a “*” next to their name. This is teamwork at its finest! 

Ali Wilkens*, Supply Chain Training Lead – Cincinnati, OH 
Austin Gamel, Pricing/Item Coordinator – Cincinnati, OH 
Benjamin Gruber, Pricing/Item Coordinator – Cincinnati, OH               
Dakota Woods, Chain Pricing Specialist – Cincinnati, OH 
David McGlone, Pricing/Item Coordinator – Cincinnati, OH 
Elaine Pickeral, Chain Pricing Specialist – Cincinnati, OH 
Jackie Crisp*, AB Sales Team and Chain Pricing Specialist – Cincinnati, OH 
Jennifer Wallace, Chain Pricing Lead – Cincinnati, OH 
Lisa Watts, Chain Pricing Specialist – Cincinnati, OH 
Lyndsay Warren, Chain Pricing Specialist – Cleveland, OH 
Mindy Martin, Beer & NA Pricing Manager – Dayton, OH 
Nancy Kordenbrock, Wine & Spirits Pricing Manager – Cincinnati, OH 
Nick Howrey, Chain Pricing Specialist – Kentucky  
Pam Marchetti, Compliance Manager – Ohio Valley, OH 
Stephanie Birch, AB Sales Team and Chain Pricing Specialist – Dayton, OH 

Messages of Appreciation 

joe noll

“Revenue Management Team, thank you for what you do, thank you for taking care of our suppliers and our customers. The detailed work you guys do is extremely important to all of us. Thanks for being great and taking pride in what you do.” 

Joe Noll, Chief Operating Officer 

kevin mcnamara

“I would like to thank this team for their hard work on staying on top of our pricing that changes at times seems like daily. Plus, their hard work on making sure suppliers freight costs are correct from our suppliers so we are keeping our margins intact.” 

Kevin McNamara, VP Sales & Marketing – Wine & Spirits 

todd patterson

“I can’t tell you how great this team is to work with. Special thanks to Mindy Martin, who is fantastic.  She has taken hours per week off my time spent looking at pricing. Thank you, team!” 

Todd Patterson, VP Sales – Beer 

This group touches a lot of Heidelberg Associates; their teamwork and communication with collaborative departments like Sales and Supply Chain allow us to remain our customer’s #1 choice.