The same way that you make plans for a night on the town or celebrating the holiday season with family and friends, make sure to plan a safe ride home. Your personal designated driver could be a taxi, Uber, a non-drinking buddy, or a friend’s couch! Whatever it is, be smart and be safe this holiday season before you have too many glasses of your favorite alcoholic beverage.

In addition to putting yourself and others at risk, driving under the influence carries heavy costs in time and money.

TIME: You’ll lose time from work and you may have to serve time in jail and/or attend a substance abuse/counseling class. You will likely have to find a ride to and from work and other places if your license is suspended, which is likely to be anywhere from six months to three years.

MONEY: If you’re arrested for DUI (driving under the influence) or OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence), the cost can be astronomical. Even for a first-time offender with a clean driving record, you will be required to pay fines or penalties ($250 to $1,500), there will be legal fees if you retain a DUI lawyer to represent you (minimum $2,000); license reinstatement fees ($250 and up); and rehabilitation classes ($100 to $500). There may also be negative consequences if you are deemed uninsurable under applicable Company policies. But at a minimum, you may be faced with higher auto insurance. After a DUI, you’ll be categorized by your insurance company as high risk and your rates could be raised at least $1,000 per year. Typically, this continues for three years.          

DUI Driving Laws – OHIO

DUI Driving Laws – KENTUCKY

Don’t take chances – this holiday season or any time you’re having a few drinks. We want you, your family and friends to enjoy the festivities and get home safely!