Warehouse Appreciation 2022

All of Heidelberg and Ohio Valley are celebrating our outstanding Warehouse Associates during the week of January 24-28, during Warehouse Appreciation Week! Once again, the entire company owes a big debt of gratitude and appreciation to the men and women in our warehouses for the outstanding job they do week in and week out.

The work our Warehouse Associates do; taking product off the supply trucks that come in, sorting and pulling product for retail delivery, loading it on outgoing trucks to be delivered to our retail partners, and taking inventory is vital to the daily operations in all of our facilities. Without the hardwork of these great men and women, the Heidelberg Wheel does not turn and the company is not able to deliver for all of our customers.

2021 was another crazy year with all that the COVID pandemic continued to throw at everyone, as well as the usual madnesss with the OND push. Our Warehouse crews continued to come through, stepping up and doing not only their jobs but assisting others in the company to get the job done – going above and beyond to help us stay our customers’ #1 choice!

Make sure to say thank you to your local warehouse crew for another excellent year! Banners, celebrations and a special gift await all of our Warehouse Associates during Warehouse Appreciation Week!

Cheers and thank you, Team Warehouse!

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Warehouse Appreciation Week

January 24-28, 2022
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What a crazy last two years! When I think about team, I think of a group of people coming together to accomplish a goal. To say that our warehouse employees got the cases on the truck, is an understatement. What this team of warehouse associates does every day, is impressive. They know the product we sell. They understand the warehouse better than most. They all work seamlessly to make sure orders are received, stocked, picked, and loaded accurately and efficiently! This team of players are the backbone of what we do every day. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not be here! Thank you to all the men and women that work throughout this wonderful organization for all the hard work and dedication. No matter what the challenge is, you show up!!

Jody Myers –
Director of Operations, North
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A simple “Thank You” doesn’t even begin to express the gratitude we have for what you all have accomplished over the last 12 months. In the face of so many challenges your teams always manage to get the work done. Thank you for all of the pride, passion, and energy you bring to Heidelberg every day to make Heidelberg the #1 choice for our customers and suppliers.

Brian Oakes –
Director of Operations, South
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Both the day and night warehouse crews have been nothing short of fantastic. They have been fully staffed and working hand in hand to keep the warehouse stocked, orders pulled, and our delivery trucks out of here on time. In addition, they all were very tuned in to keeping the warehouse clean and tidy through the hectic holiday season. The hard work done by this group of employees is greatly respected and appreciated. Thank you so much for all that you do!!

Tom McClafferty –
Vice President & General Manager, Youngstown
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What a wild ride we had over the last year – record volumes complimented by the excitement surrounding the transition to Heidelberg 2.0! Thank you all for the hard work and dedication in making us the tremendous company we are!

Jimmy Carpenter –
Vice President & General Manager, Kentucky
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Thanks to this great team for all you do to help us win for our customers and each other. This past year was full of great opportunities to showcase how excellent this team truly is, and you rose to the occasion once again! Thank you for the pride you show in your job. Thank you for the great amounts of teamwork that you displayed this past year. Thank you for taking communication to a new level we haven’t seen before. We appreciate each of you sincerely!

Chris Rammel –
Vice President & General Manager, Dayton
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Thanks for all of your hard work this past year. We had record sales during the summer, coupled with being shorthanded it made for challenging times. This team showed its versatility by stepping up and helping do whatever was necessary to get the orders out to our customers. We couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you!

Kevin Knight –
Vice President & General Manager, Lorain
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Warehouse team thank you for your incredible dedication over this past year. It was a challenging year with staffing, supply chain, space, and sales issues and you still got it done. Thank you for all the hard work and extra hours you put in to make this our best year ever.

Toby Coston –
Vice President & General Manager, Cincinnati
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The warehouse team is like the offensive line on a football team; overlooked but you cannot win a championship without a great one. Here’s to the All-Pros who make Team Toledo a championship unit – our Warehouse staff!

Tom “Mac” McHugh
Vice President & General Manager, Toledo
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There’s an old saying – “When the going gets tough – the tough get going”. All aspects of the Columbus warehouse team stepped it up and got tough over the past 18 months. They accepted all challenges sent their way and performed without hesitation. I’m proud of them all – no one said ‘the work was too much’ – no one said ‘No, I can’t do that.’ They all pulled together to get the job done and were ready for the next day.

Greg Maurer –
VIce President & General Manager, Columbus
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Wow, what a year! Warehouse Team – thank you for everything you do each and every day. After record growth in 2020, and the challenges that went with it, our operations department enjoyed stability for much of this past year due in great part to your efforts. During challenging times, this group is always there to pitch in where needed. Thank you for being the resourceful, versatile and hard-working Associates that you are.

Brian Cunningham –
Vice President & General Manager, Ohio Valley
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Thank you to the whole team for hanging in there and getting the job done. We appreciate the effort that everyone has put forth, you didn’t miss a beat. You’ve worked through many challenges with short staff and training new hires that didn’t have the stamina you all show. Team Cleveland Rocks and I’m so very proud of all of you! So again, I say Thank You! Cheers to a happy healthy 2022!

Trudy Saraz-Marvin –
General Manager – Administration, Cleveland
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