WBWAO PAC Payroll Program

Partake in an opportunity to participate in the Wholesale Beer and Wine Association of Ohio’s Political Action Committee (PAC) through a payroll deduction of $2.00 per week. To participate, simply download and fill out the form below. Then, email the filled out form with your Payroll & Benefits Advisor.

Participating in the PAC payroll program will allow you to use your voice in politics as a PAC member. Voting on Election Day is important, and by participating in the PAC you will receive updates on elections, candidates and issues that affect your job.

frequently asked questions

Why should I contribute to WBWAO?

WBWAO is the only group in Ohio that represents beer and wine wholesalers in Ohio. Retailers have several organizations working in their interest and large brewers have individual representation. Our job is to add balance to the industry by making wholesaler voices heard.

Where does the money go?

All of the money is contributed to candidates for state political offices. We are always interested in the input of PAC members on specific candidates, and we bring politicians to local warehouses so they can understand your business and meet employees. Unlike many other groups, Beer and Wine PAC is not affiliated with a political party or race or gender issues. Beer and Wine PAC money only goes to individuals who are at least willing to understand our perspective on beer and wine issues.

Are other people participating in the program?

Yes, more employees are participating in the program every year and if you are reading this, then many of your co-workers are already signed up. Managers, office staff, night warehouse workers, drivers, sales personnel, and merchandisers are all involved in this program across Ohio. They all understand that WBWAO is the only organization with your professional interest in mind watching the legislature on a daily basis.

What are the most important laws to our industry?

  1. The 3-tier system. Ohio has had a law on the books requiring wholesalers in the beer and wine trade. Your job was created by this law, and we will fight to protect it.
  2. The franchise law which states that suppliers cannot pull brands without cause.
  3. The territory law which states that other wholesalers cannot sell your company’s brands in your company’s designated territory.
  4. The cash law which states that all product is paid for in cash eliminating liability for your company.

Together, these laws make the basis for a stable and predictable marketplace, and we will continue to vigorously defend them. We are also committed to fighting against a beer or wine tax increase, and to keeping the pricing laws in place. We are committed to communicating to legislators and to our PAC payroll members.

Your $2.00 a week contribution is greatly appreciated, and is amplified greatly by your new colleagues across Ohio who are already participating.