What I’m Drinking

There are so many different whiskeys to choose from and a wide ranging selection from Heidelberg’s portfolios in both Kentucky and Ohio. When it comes to spirits (and beer and wine), our experts really know their stuff! Here is what our spirits experts from Kentucky and Ohio recommend from the Heidelberg portfolio.

Jimmy Carpenter – Vice President & General Manager Kentucky

Willett Family Estate Small Batch Rye Barrel Strength.

All the greatness of the Willett Distillery at cask strength at an affordable price…lots of rye Manhattans on my patio as the weather cools.

Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Bottle in Bond Wheated Bourbon.

Think Pappy, without nearly the scarcity and 1/100th the cost!

Old Carter Batch Bourbon Vol. 10.

The Carter’s really outdid themselves with this particular blend!

Pat Keith – Vice President Sales High Proof Spirits

Joseph Magnus Bourbon

Wathen’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Amador Double Barrel Bourbon

Kyle Kuchta – Spirits Marketing Manager Cleveland

Favorite Bourbon: Koval Bourbon

Koval has a very unique mash bill and distillation process. The aging of the product is done in a manner that really lets the spirit shine.

Favorite Rye: Chicken Cock Kentucky Straight Rye

Seriously one of the better ryes I have ever had. Great flavor and easy drinking. If you’re looking for a rye with a lot going on and great flavor that won’t just kick you in the teeth with spice, this is it! 

Favorite American Whiskey: Redwood Empire Lost Monarch

The blend is perfect and the flavor and mouthfeel is welcoming and approachable whether you are a seasoned whiskey drinker or someone who just dabbles.

Rachel Moore – Spirits Marketing Manager Ohio Valley

Favorite Bourbon: Wathen’s Single Barrel

Like all hidden gem bourbons it is now allocated and getting hard to find. If you see a bottle buy it! 

Favorite Rye: Savage & Cooke Lip Service Rye

This is my favorite right now. I like barrel finished ryes a lot and this one really does well with the Grenache barrels.

Favorite American Whiskey: Redwood Empire Lost Monarch.

It is a blend of bourbon and rye that manages to better then either individually. Plus the label is just so beautiful. 

Joshua Mulberry – GSM Kentucky

Willett Pot Still Bourbon 

My favorite Wheated Bourbon

Kentucky Par 12 year Bourbon 

For special occasions

Wilderness Trail Rye Whiskey